Hot Waves at Minnesota 2018

On April 14, 2018, we had historically huge blizzard which created over a foot snow (see Blizzard Finally Over).  A week later we had a temperature of over over 70 degree still with some patches of snow on the ground.  We skipped the spring and directly stepped into summer. The past winter was fierce, the … Continue reading Hot Waves at Minnesota 2018

A Waterfall Surrounded by Snow

The past week could be featured by snowy week, since we have seen two heavey snow storms, one on Thursday night with 8 inches and another on Saturday afternoon with 12 inches.  By Sunday morning the second snowstorm finally stopped and we also finished plowing / cleaning deep snow piles around our house.  Sunday afternoon … Continue reading A Waterfall Surrounded by Snow

Romance in Silence

Minnehaha Fall is the biggest waterfall around Minneapolis areas.  It is 53-foot tall, and it can roar so loudly that I could hear it from a few miles away. Today I drove by the park, to my surprise the area was quiet.  The unusual Silence prompted me stop my car and go to see what happened … Continue reading Romance in Silence

Making “Silk” with Long Exposure

Any long exposure can blur the roughness to create silky effect. The following waterfall was taken on a sunny day.   In order not to over - expose the image with 2 second exposure time, I selected very low aperture, ~ f25.  Due to very low aperture the depth of field is large so that … Continue reading Making “Silk” with Long Exposure

The Silky Waterfalls – Photo 101 Day 3

Last fall I was learning how to use long exposure to take photos on waterfall to create effect of silky smoothness. Here are couple of waterfalls' photos I took last fall.  The exposure time is 1 ~ 2 seconds, the aperture is around f10 - f13.  I did create the smoothness on the waterfall, which … Continue reading The Silky Waterfalls – Photo 101 Day 3

October – The Golden Fall

In oriental world, October also means the golden fall (金秋十月).  The month is a Transition between torridity and frigidity, between growth and harvest, between green and brown. Even though October is accompanied by golden tone, it actually offers a natural palette with a wide spectrum of colors ranging from bright green to dark brown.  With an … Continue reading October – The Golden Fall

The Rule of Third / The Rule of Composing

This is the entry to "CEE’S COMPOSE YOURSELF CHALLENGE: WEEK #2 WHAT ALL GOOD COMPOSED PHOTOS HAVE IN COMMON". Personally I consider "the rule of third" as the rule of good composed photos.  There should be a main subject in any photo, and the main subject should be around the place of one - third across the entire … Continue reading The Rule of Third / The Rule of Composing