My Mother

During this lunar new year celebration, I am staying at my parents’ home, which gives me more chance to get involved in their daily life.

In their 80s, they are spending most of time indoor, my father is playing video games while my mother is doing choirs in the kitchen.

This photo was taken while my mother was cooking the meal for me.  I told her that I wanted to take a picture of her and suggested that she act as usual.  But she still turned around to face the lens and smile to me.  It was such State of Mind that she was really enjoying doing what she was doing – spending her time at the kitchen, especially with me.  The kitchen is still old styled as I saw while I was a little kid, with nothing fancy. But my mother can create the most delicious meals here, much better than the foods I have had in any fancy restaurants around the world.

When we were young, my mother spent whole day on New Year’s Eve, preparing family dinner for us. I still remember the happiest moments while we were sitting around the table to dig in those delicious dishes.

In recent years, the dinner in New Year’s Eve has been “outsourced”.  The family gathering has moved to local restaurants, where we can’t taste the dishes cooked at home with the scents of love and caring.  Maybe due to this reason, we sit around the table staring on the phone screen to grab electronic “red envelopes” instead of talking with each other.

While I am staying in there home, my mother insists cooking at least one meal per day for me, because she wants to somehow take care of me during such a precious reunion. I try to spend as much time as possible at home, because I know that each of such reunion counts because it won’t last forever through the last Seasons of my parents’ lives.


28 thoughts on “My Mother

  1. That’s a nice thought. Parents are not forever with us. As I am typing this, I am spending time with my dad. He is watching his youku while I am doing work on the table. Accompany each other’s presence. Usually, he goes to his bed and watch. 😀

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  2. There is absolutely nothing like a family sharing a meal. When my sons were growing up we all sat down to dinner together and talked about the happenings of our day. It was wonderful and my sons say those meals were some of their best memories. I believe today families should slow down and eat at least one meal a day together; get to know each others’ thoughts and feelings that you can’t find in a text. God bless.

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  3. You are so lucky to have your parents still with you. I lost both mine in the past years and miss them dearly – every day. I have written a few short stories on my blog in their memory. Love the photo of your mother. She has kind eyes and how nice to have home cooked meals!

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  4. My parents are in their eighties too, and I recognize their different chores as well. Your sweet mother is a good cook I understand – and a mother’s food is always something extra! Spiced with Love and Care, it tastes better than anything you can get anywhere. I understand – and it is wonderful to still have ones parents. Thank you for posting about your stay, it warms my heart.

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  5. Beautiful photo of your Mom. Family reunions are not always filled with warm fuzzes and are often bitter-sweet. As I read your post, I am reminded of many of our family gatherings – I haven’t always appreciated them, and I am glad for the reminder that they are precious!

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  6. Beautiful. You have captured your Mother’s love and admiration of you in your photo. Being in the kitchen with our parents as they age is such a wonderful place to be. I remember the last time my mother was able to move freely and preparing a stew to serve the family as they came and went on Halloween. Many years have passed since then and her last fifteen years she wasn’t able to cook but still liked to help out putting dishes away using her walker as a tray to carry them to the cabinet. Your story reminded me of those loving times together. Enjoy them while you can. Don’t forget to put away the cell phone and any distractions. You will be glad you did later. Love and Light!

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  7. what can i say.. love your mom’s cooking. others don’t have food while other’s don’t have moms. i am grateful that i still have both 🙂 come to think of it, we are both immensely blessed 🙂

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