Hawaii Post #2 – Volcanos and Lava Flows

There is an unbelievably number of volcanos around the Island of Hawaii, but luckily there is only one of them which is still active now – Kīlauea.

A boat took us to a place in Pacific ocean which is close to where lave flowing from the volcano into water.  Within fifty feet from the lave flow we could feel extreme heat and see the steam evaporated from ocean soon after a drip of lava falling down.  Even the seawater around there is close to 120F.  We could only take a Peek at such a natural wonder from over 100 feet away.

One the road to Mauna Kea, there are some lava lands (or lava beds) with deep Textures.  Those lands were formed by the solidified lava from last eruption at the beginning of last century.  On the black layer of lava only scattered plants are surviving and growing.

There are also many small mountains with pyramid – shape and reddish color.  They are dormant volcanos, and the red color was caused by soil with rich iron.


For me traveling to any new places should be a combination of site-seeing and knowledge – gaining, this time at the Island of Hawaii it was geology.

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34 thoughts on “Hawaii Post #2 – Volcanos and Lava Flows

  1. We were on the Big Island for Christmas 1982. The nonstop flow began early January 1983, the year our daughter was born on Oahu. But we did not name her Pele! You captured amazingly beautiful photos.

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  2. Wow, I thought Mauna Loa was also still active. Very impressive pictures. They really show just how much iron can be distributed over the earth’s surface from deep inside. Who knows how many more of such mineral deposits actually exist around the world from extinct volcanoes, that have yet to be exploited.

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  3. Very good capture’s. When I was stationed in Pearl Harbor years ago, I never did get a chance to see the Big Island or the Volcano National Park. Would have loved to see that in person. Cheers, Les

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