Re – “Visit” the Volcanoes at Big Island

It has been almost a year since I visited big island of Hawaii.  The biggest attraction on the island is, of course, the Volcanoes National Park (Hawaii Post #2: Volcanos and Lava Flows). But lately the news has been going around regarding eruption of Kīlauea volcanoes.  I feel sorry for those residents nearby impacted by the … Continue reading Re – “Visit” the Volcanoes at Big Island

Hot Waves at Minnesota 2018

On April 14, 2018, we had historically huge blizzard which created over a foot snow (see Blizzard Finally Over).  A week later we had a temperature of over over 70 degree still with some patches of snow on the ground.  We skipped the spring and directly stepped into summer. The past winter was fierce, the … Continue reading Hot Waves at Minnesota 2018

Blurred Lines

I went to my work place last weekend to shot some office / business scenes.  Most of the objects inside office areas are defined by straight Lines.  Such a design might be to let people easily find the locations of any offices or cubes. During processing the raw photos, I used lens blur function in … Continue reading Blurred Lines

In One Week: from Winter to Summer

Last weekend, April 13 and 14, we were experiencing a ferocious blizzard which broken the historical record - Blizzard Finally Over Since last weekend, the temperature has been constantly rising to reach 65 degree on this Sunday.  Even though there are still some small amount of snow on the ground, flower buds have broken the wet soil … Continue reading In One Week: from Winter to Summer

Blizzard – Finally Over!

Here is the report on April 14 2018: "A ferocious April blizzard that the National Weather Service called "historic" plowed across much of Minnesota on Saturday, dumping more than a foot of snow in some areas, causing hundreds of accidents and forcing the shutdown of the Twin Cities airport and many state roads. For the … Continue reading Blizzard – Finally Over!

Delayed Awakening Time

This week's photo challenge is about Awakening . I have been waiting for the beautiful spring landing at Minnesota, so that I can take some fresh plants' sprouting from thawing soil.  I especially like to take macro photos of those tiny sprouts growing on tree branches. However my dream was broken at this weekend, since … Continue reading Delayed Awakening Time

Smiling in the Middle of Heavy Snowstorm

April 03 2018: while we were all looking forward to a new spring, a heavy snowstorm passed through Minneapolis / St. Paul areas.  By the end of the storm, around 12-inch snow left on every section of roads. For the people who are mostly living in the areas with mild weather all year long, it … Continue reading Smiling in the Middle of Heavy Snowstorm

Harmony of Early Spring at Minnesota

I always believed that bald eagles were natural predators of fishes and birds.  My old belief was broken after I capture the moment of co-existing of bald eagles, swans and ducks.  They were together enjoying the early spring at Minnesota. Awakening

They are the First to Tell……

the arrival of the spring. According to Chinese, ducks are the first ones to notice the warmth of new spring.  I would like to say that swans are also among the ones who can notice the arrival of spring before any others. The lake near my home has been my Favorite Place  to get some photos … Continue reading They are the First to Tell……

A Waterfall Surrounded by Snow

The past week could be featured by snowy week, since we have seen two heavey snow storms, one on Thursday night with 8 inches and another on Saturday afternoon with 12 inches.  By Sunday morning the second snowstorm finally stopped and we also finished plowing / cleaning deep snow piles around our house.  Sunday afternoon … Continue reading A Waterfall Surrounded by Snow