Japanese Tea Ceremony

The Japanese Garden inside Como Park is tiny but elegant, made of lovely stones, rocks, bridges, towers and of course water flowing through them.  The tranquil place would calm down any turbulence in people's minds, and purify their souls. It was a little cloudy while we were there.  Since the photos are not full of … Continue reading Japanese Tea Ceremony

Happy Moon Festival!

Today is the Mid-Autumn Festival or Moon Festival! The date of the Mid-Autumn Festival falls on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese calendar. That timing places the festival in September or early October in the Gregorian calendar, close to the autumnal equinox, every year.  The Moon Festival is a holiday for … Continue reading Happy Moon Festival!

Here Comes the Year of Rooster

I decided to use this post to response to our weekly photo challenge.  The reason is that the fireworks photos were taken last July 4th, in order to Repurpose the fireworks to celebrate this Chinese New Year, I applied the layer techniques in Photoshop to combine the imagines of roosters and "2017" with the fireworks. What … Continue reading Here Comes the Year of Rooster

Photographed by http://ivyphotos.smugmug.com/

The Moon of Middle Autumn

One day in every year, Chinese around the world celebrate a very special festival - Middle Autumn Festival. Today is the day! One of Chinese legends tells a story of Hou Yi (后羿).  Once there were ten Suns showing up in the sky simultaneously to emit heat over crops on the Earth.  A powerful hero, Hou … Continue reading The Moon of Middle Autumn

If You are a Woman

If you are a woman, you must manage your social network. You can’t behave as a man to make friends with anybody you meet. Even though you are working in such an area as public relationship, you should limit your after – work time spending with the males other than a few who are significant to … Continue reading If You are a Woman

Love Only Made with Loved One

Eileen Chang (張愛玲), one of the most influential Chinese writers, once wrote: a man's heart can be reached through his stomach, and a woman's through her vagina.  Such words, straightforward and even cruel, revealed simple and humble natures of a woman. For many girls, the first sexual experience may feel as confusing as sleepwalking.  In most cases … Continue reading Love Only Made with Loved One

Doors vs. Couples

  A woman and a man take vows to form a family, two doors stand in pairs to support this unity. Two doors under eaves are symmetric, two people in a family are equal. But each of the doors has its own pivot, each of the people has own point of view. Only one lock … Continue reading Doors vs. Couples

Water and Mountains

This is in response to photography 101, day 3 assignment - Water. and weekly photo challenge Shadowed A river surrounded by green mountains, a very picturesque place at southern China. I was amazed by its beauty and calmness at the moment I arrived there. It immediately became my “Xanadu” where I can forget my daily routine … Continue reading Water and Mountains

The West Gate (西門町)

A Symbol to show uniqueness even deeply buried among those fancy buildings. A gate to reverse time even life moving forward within historical remnants. It leads me into memory, and the moments with you, along those old streets; Hand in hand walking shopping dining laughing crying all together!

The Birth of Magnificent “BABA”

After graduating from high school, he failed two times in college entry tests at China and finally made into a college in his third try. In his twenties, he worked as a secretary, a porter, a tri-cycle taxi driver, an English teacher, an English translator, etc.. While he was working through those jobs, he met … Continue reading The Birth of Magnificent “BABA”