Yoga at Nature on Sunday Morning

Happy Sunday morning! I can't believe it has been over 80 degrees at Minneapolis while it is approaching the end of September.  It is still an excellent time for outdoor yoga practice. Having been practicing Ashtanga yoga for a few years, I was taught by it to always listen to my own heart, be the … Continue reading Yoga at Nature on Sunday Morning

Another Farewell

Even though I had said farewell many times in the past, either to my loved ones, or to some dear friends or to colleagues at work, it has not been any easier to say farewell once more. On the last day of my current job, I arrived at office as usual. I checked the to … Continue reading Another Farewell

Out of Comfort Zone

This morning I formally announced my resignation from my current position. Over the past fours years I have been working to help the bank find the unfairness caused by arbitrarily limiting financial services on minorities in the consumer lending.  My daily work includes building statistical models to "quantify" the loan origination processes.  Then we use those … Continue reading Out of Comfort Zone

Confident or Arrogant?

I grew up with a very low self - esteem.  Soon after I landed at US, I determined to rebuild my life from ground zero.  The large part of this "reconstruction" processes was to regrow my inner confidence. I started making eye contact while talking with others, encouraging me to speak up in group meetings … Continue reading Confident or Arrogant?

My New Year Resolution – Simplification

This is the wardrobe of Mark Zuckerberg – the founder of Facebook. As simple as it is, it saves a lot of time to make decision every morning on the styles, colors, matches, etc. Its owner can focus on more important decisions than his morning picks on his clothing. On the contrary, many of us, … Continue reading My New Year Resolution – Simplification

If You are a Woman

If you are a woman, you must manage your social network. You can’t behave as a man to make friends with anybody you meet. Even though you are working in such an area as public relationship, you should limit your after – work time spending with the males other than a few who are significant to … Continue reading If You are a Woman


又經過了一年一度的家庭感恩節聚會大餐,又到了夜闌人靜時。 瀏覽一年前寫的博文,好似出自另外一人之手,可見我已經開始用從容的心態來看待往事,上個黑色星期五仿佛隔世。 安撫著流血的心,忍受著無奈的痛,一時不知如何才能釋懷。 幸好,人類有一種技能叫寫作,世上有一種現象叫網絡。不論自己的事有多末驚天地泣鬼神,如果能夠表達出來,並將它投入浩瀚的互聯網之中,不說立刻化為烏有,卻也拋掉部分垃圾,讓心情開始漸漸復蘇。 於是我重拾擱置許久“天賦“,從散發著往日溫情的”你照亮了我的生命“開始,到緣已失,情難卻的”荊棘鳥的絕唱“,而後又有”那難以承受的一次次的回眸“。其間總有一個名字捨不得刪去,因為來過的痕跡;總有一些曾經不能忘記,源於溫暖的交集。從此再也不聯繫,卻會記一輩子;不是不愛,只是不再期待。捨不得的不是名字,而是人;忘不了的不是曾經,而是感情。 原來緣分最痛的結局,就是人走了,感情還在。刻骨銘心的愛,望穿天涯的等待,生命中的一個人總在心頭,揮之不去。 不過話又說回來,如果挑著擔子走人生,該丟的丟,該撿的撿。淚水,忍不住也得忍;苦楚,咽不下也得咽;無緣,放不下也得放; 坎坷,過不去也得過。 握不住地沙,只好扬了它! 春天陪伴我的故鄉游,台北游,外面廣大精彩的世界給我的內心吹入了絲絲清新的空氣。開始告誡自己眼裡沒我的人,我何必放在心里;在乎了不該在乎的在乎,那就是作賤。人有尊嚴,不容踐踏。 痛定思痛,不但是我,猜想對方也有了遲來的幡然“領悟”。 又意識到徹底的恢復就必須給自己一個誠懇的交代,人生那麼短促,沒必要為不值得的人隱瞞或者作不值得的事,寧可高傲發霉,也不委屈求全。那末就將內心里的所謂“偶像“打碎,以此來“終結原以為可以延續終生的情誼”。 後來又採集了一些花絮,在“黎明前的急剎車”里,調進了一些諷刺的味道和“幸災樂禍“的口吻。夫妻間的信任猶如一張無暇的紙張,揉皺以後雖然可以撫平,但永遠存在痕跡。由此看來我還算是幸運的,畢竟我根本不在那被揉皺了的紙張上,更不必淒淒慘慘地收拾殘局,吞下污穢之物。 這就是情,從陌生人開始,按陌生人結束。 而我,仍然生存於潮起潮落之中,應當為此感恩!

From an Ancient Capital to Modern Home of US

 Grow on the Tiger Land The glimpse of Golden Gate Bridge from sky told me I was finally here - the new continent. It was December 6, 1993. Just 24 hours ago, I waved good-bye to my family and my hometown, Xi’an, an ancient capital city with famous Terra Cotta soldiers. After several more hours … Continue reading From an Ancient Capital to Modern Home of US

One Thousand Encouragements Along the Way

Yesterday I was amazed by a notification from WordPress that the number of “Likes” at my site has reached at 1,000! I launched my blog site on July 2013, I felt nervous and hesitant to hit “Publish” in the first few months. I was constantly scanning each post word by word in fear of any … Continue reading One Thousand Encouragements Along the Way

The Path to My Heart

We ran into each other, two young, energetic friends, carrying rich curiosities. We imaged a road with rose petals, emitting delicate fragrance, welcoming us to a prosperous future. We turned out to walk on roughness, zigzagging towards a place, which is full of unknowns. We neither looked back nor regretted, side by side with promises, we have … Continue reading The Path to My Heart