The Season for Jack-O-Lanterns

One of the local traditions at Minnesota is growing pumpkins. The weight of grown pumpkins can range from less than a pound to over 2,500 pounds to set a record. Sometimes a huge pumpkin (over 2,000 pounds) was lift into air by a crane and drop onto grass at a harvest fest. The people around … Continue reading The Season for Jack-O-Lanterns

Blooming Peonies

The summer time at Minnesota is always short and precious, the blooming time for peonies is even shorter and more precious! The blooming time for peonies is around two weeks during middle of June. I have photographed the flowers many times over the years, but I have never gotten tired of capturing their beauty. Driving … Continue reading Blooming Peonies

My Obsession with Roses

Rose is my favorite flower, simply because it is the symbol of beauty, elegance and love. I am also amazed by the number of its varieties. Couple of weeks ago I took a walk inside a rose garden close to home. It was just after a raining day and all flowers were decorated by water … Continue reading My Obsession with Roses

The Wild Flowers in a Wild Garden

There is a Wild Garden not far from my home, on the way to my yoga studio. It is a place I have been stopping by at least once per year, during the timeframe between July and August. Yesterday after my morning Ashtanga practice I stopped by the garden again, and snapped some photos on … Continue reading The Wild Flowers in a Wild Garden

A Field of Lupine

Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge accommodates numerous wild animals and plants. It can display the features of mother nature throughout entire year! Between mid - May and mid - June lupine flowers (also called lupinus or lupin) reach their peak of beauty. There is a big field where lupine grows. It not only decorates the land … Continue reading A Field of Lupine

The Random Collection of Tiny Flowers

A trip on last Sunday to Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden and Bird Sanctuary was to look for the state flower of Minnesota - lady slipper. But there I was told that the blooming time for lady slippers should be in June. I still took a walk around the garden and saw a various kinds of … Continue reading The Random Collection of Tiny Flowers

The Hearts Started Bleeding

We didn't plant many kinds of annual flowers or plants in our garden simply because there are a lot of wild animals around, such as deers, ducks, turkeys, etc. Those animals like to consume the flowers / plants as their meals. The only spring flowers we have is bleeding heart. The following two photos are … Continue reading The Hearts Started Bleeding

Negative Space in Photos

Soon after I started learning photography about 5 years ago, I was told that any photos should leave some empty spaces to activate viewers' imagination.  If a photo is aimed for commercial advertisements, the empty space (or negative space) becomes especially important since it allows users to add their designs onto it. I also learned … Continue reading Negative Space in Photos

An Unknown Beauty

COVID - 19 has been preventing us from exploring around distant world, but never prevented us from looking around the areas near us. The following is a kind of flower blooming in my friend's backyard.  I don't know its name, neither do my friend, but the lack of knowledge on it didn't stop us admire … Continue reading An Unknown Beauty

Blooming of Hopes

This weekend marks the official beginning of spring at Minneapolis / St Paul areas.  Even still in lockdown order from governor, people are pouring outside in a nice warm weather.  With movie theaters, restaurants and bars still closed, the best thing the most people can do is to ride bicycles around.  Bike stores are crowded … Continue reading Blooming of Hopes