The Rules of Photo Composite

The rule of third of photo composite means that we should place the main subject in the left or right third of an image, leaving other two thirds open to add something such as writing, comments, etc.

The goals of such a photo composite is not only for flexibility, but also for the viewers to capture the main subject in a photo immediately, because the human eyes were placed on approximately one third position of each side of face. It would be easier to notice anything straightforward.

I have been following the rule of third most of times, to make sure leave some empty space on an image.

However it can be also striking if we place the main subjects in the middle of photo frames to emphasize the story.

The rules were made to follow or to break, which is totally dependent on the stories a photographer tries to tell.

The Rule of Thirds

In Memory of a Beautiful Soul

Today marks the first anniversary of Jun Xue’s death. He was my friend and fellow photographer. Here is the post I wrote to describe him.

I first heard the news on January 2 2020, soon after I went back to work after the holiday season. Beyond being shocked to see such a young and energetic life taken by an auto accident I felt the life was such transient. Since then I formed a habit to plan each day in details in order not to waste any moments.

Even though we have been going through numerous events in year 2020, the news about Jun’s death was darkest and most hurtful!

This morning I got the website built by Jun’s son to memorize his father:

Jun Xue Photography.

If you look through the photos taken by Jun throughout years you will see the reflection of a beautiful soul hidden behind each vibrant photo.