The Rules of Photo Composite

The rule of third of photo composite means that we should place the main subject in the left or right third of an image, leaving other two thirds open to add something such as writing, comments, etc. The goals of such a photo composite is not only for flexibility, but also for the viewers to … Continue reading The Rules of Photo Composite


Even though few weeks has passed since Chinese Lunar New Year (year of tiger), I am still amazed by the creative choreography presented on New Year's celebration party. A lady was dancing in front of a background of a bright moon. With other part of the music hall turning completely dark, the effect of dancing … Continue reading Silhouette

The turn of the year

It is hard to believe that we are already see a new year coming. The year 2021 was quiet and drama-free until couple of days ago, when I heard that one of my photographer friends passed away due to cancer. He was young and energetic, we used to believe that he could beat the disease … Continue reading The turn of the year


Every December 06 is special for me! Around noontime of December 06 I landed on this new continent, it was twenty-eight years ago. I still remember at San Francisco airport where I entered into this country, Christmas decorations were everywhere, and Christmas music was flowing in the air. But I didn't know what Christmas was … Continue reading ANNIVERSARY Check

In Memory of a Beautiful Soul

Today marks the first anniversary of Jun Xue's death. He was my friend and fellow photographer. Here is the post I wrote to describe him. I first heard the news on January 2 2020, soon after I went back to work after the holiday season. Beyond being shocked to see such a young and energetic … Continue reading In Memory of a Beautiful Soul

The Inspiration from those Diligent HummingBirds

Every middle of September is the last season for hummingbirds to spend time at Minnesota, after that they will be migrating to Mexico, Panama or other Southern hemisphere. They became especially diligent carrying pollens across various flowers to make their last contributions this year. Its also the time for many photographers to gather together at … Continue reading The Inspiration from those Diligent HummingBirds

The Inspiration from Autumn Sunset

We were still using air condition couple of weeks ago, then we already switch to heater today.  This is how fast the weather alters at Minnesota! The flowers start to wither and leafs start to turn color. The only thing I have found remains unchanged is the glory sunset, and those local energetic people. Lake … Continue reading The Inspiration from Autumn Sunset

The Seeds of Hope

Once again those beautiful sunflowers are blooming!  There is a touch story behind the field of sunflowers, Babbettes Seeds of Hope.  The story tells us that even in a middle of downturn, we should always keep brightness in our heart. Thanks for visiting my post! Under the Sun Sanctuary

Once in 6,800 Years

A newly discovered comet name as "Neowise" just passed through the solar system. This comet is moving across sky just below the big dipper, dragging its long tail. In Chinese a comet is also called a "broom" star, with something unlocks hidden in its long tail.  As a result it was believed that any broom … Continue reading Once in 6,800 Years

2020 – Half – Year Review

In Chinese Tradition there are twelve Zodiac symbols  (鼠、牛、虎、兔、龙、蛇、马、羊、猴、鸡、狗、猪) and ten Heavenly Stems (甲、乙、丙、丁、戊、己、庚、辛、壬、癸).  If we try to match Zodiac symbols with Heavenly stems in a sequential order, it takes sixty years to complete one cycle (the least common multiple of twelve and ten is sixty). Based on Zodiac this year is the year of … Continue reading 2020 – Half – Year Review