The Pacific Blue

Last week I took my DSLR and flew to Los Angles.  My goal was to re – visit California and to capture anything interesting along Pacific Ocean.

As planned I drove on the shoreline to the North.  Along the way I enjoyed walking on wet sand and bathing under the sunlight while I was at Santa Barbara.  I also stopped by Santa Maria in order to pick up some old memories I left while I was working there 18 years ago.

Even though it wasn’t my first time to drive on the famous Highway 1, I still felt nervous driving on those rugged roads between mountains and ocean.  Often times I was amazed by the stunning views of Pacific blue and temporally forgot the fear, I even stopped at some areas near cliffs in order to have a broader view of the ocean and to snap the photos of the waves, birds, sea lions, random people or objects.

I especially like those photos taken in Half and Half sky and ocean, they connect together seamlessly to form magnificent views of the nature.


It was raining and chill when I arrived at San Francisco, the Golden Gate Bridge looked mysteriously attractive in the foggy and rainy weather.  My desire for the best Chinese foods in the country triumphed the fear by driving on the steep street towards Chinatown.  After eating the good foods there, I seemed to become more brave so that I decided to drive on Lombard Street and the path to Muir Woods.

After the trip, I felt that I experienced a great challenge and at the same time enjoyed a great Victory!

I included some pictures I took during my trip to California, I hope you enjoy them!


Today Was a Good Day

19 thoughts on “The Pacific Blue

  1. Thank you for sharing in my trinkets and memories challenge! I am sure revisiting California bought lots of memories flooding back and created new travel memories. Your photos are lovely! I want to go to the beach and walk barefoot! Looking forward to exploring more of your posts!

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  2. 🙂 Lovely pictures and I do like the story you’re telling.
    I’ve driven the PCH several times and it can be kind of daring when the curves are tight and the ocean is far down the street you’re driving on.
    Your journey looks like lots of fun!
    HAPPY weekend to you .-)

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