My Favorites at 2020

January It was the last time I traveled by airplane. I visited city of Las Vegas and the surrounding areas. The most impressive thing I saw during the trip was Seven Magic Mountains. They are formed by seven columns make of colorful rocks, with the height over 35 feet, standing in deserts surrounded by Red … Continue reading My Favorites at 2020

2020 – an Extraordinary Year

"If we had not winter, the spring would not be so pleasant; if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome." ~ Anne Bradstreet If there is a single word to represent the year 2020, that should be: extraordinary. ‌Here is year 2020 in review.‌JanuaryThe worst wildfires in Australia’s history … Continue reading 2020 – an Extraordinary Year

The Lights in the Cold

We are approaching towards the end of 2020! Holiday celebration is just around the corner. This holiday season will be difference from any previous ones, since many of us have to be home alone or meeting with friends or families virtually. There might not be as much laughs on dinner table, as much as storytelling … Continue reading The Lights in the Cold

The Sparks in the Middle of Pandemic

Based on Zodiac year 2020 is the year of rat (鼠), based on the Heavenly Stem order year 2020 is "庚".  As a result year 2020, according to Chinese, should be year of "庚子鼠". Historically some unusual (mostly unfortunate) events occurred within such a timely coincidence (Half - Year Review). Since the beginning of 2020, … Continue reading The Sparks in the Middle of Pandemic

Portraits of Mallards

It is early winter 2020, and we are in the middle of second lockdown! This means no group outing, no parties, even no photo trips with those fellow photographers. But life is still going on and we need to find something fun ALONE! Suddenly I missed those mallards and other water birds, and decided to … Continue reading Portraits of Mallards

Then and Now

I formed a dream to travel around the world before I die, so I made a plan to visit at least one new place each year. According to Chinese traveling ten-thousand miles is equivalent to reading ten-thousand books. Traveling is a process of learning new things and uncovering previous unknowns, especially through my camera lenses. … Continue reading Then and Now

Being Optimistic through the Winter with Pandemic

The numbers of infections and death spiked in the past week, the date of back-to-office was delayed once again. The dark cloud of COVID-19 is still floating over the world, it seems that we are continuously walking in a tunnel without seeing light in front. Working at home for over eight months I really miss … Continue reading Being Optimistic through the Winter with Pandemic

The Sun Will Rise Again

We have been going through a lot in year 2020, from COVID - 19, to BLM then close racing presidential election, etc.. Each event has more or less created impacts on political and economical environments. I always believe that things happened with a reason. Sometimes while enduring hardship patience is the only way for us … Continue reading The Sun Will Rise Again

My Hideaway in Pandemic

I have been working from during last seven months, and will continue WFH until at least the end of 2020 based on company's guidelines. The following two photos are my desk with late autumn scenes outside windows. The first one was taken on a sunny day couple of weeks ago, the second one was taken … Continue reading My Hideaway in Pandemic

The Beautiful Bad River

Even the pandemic is still going around us, we took a vacation to Northern Wisconsin during this past weekend. The Bad River is a river flowing from the southwestern end of Caroline Lake to Lake Superior in northern Wisconsin.  On the way to its destination, it passes Copper Falls State Park through a gorge and drops … Continue reading The Beautiful Bad River