Iceland Trip #5 Fairytale at Backyard

While the world was feed up with the news of the Fagradalsfjall volcano eruption near Reykjavik, I remembered a tranquil fairytale word I saw around Akureyri, the capital city of Northern Iceland. The fairytale word is hidden behind a private house, which makes it hard to be noticed. But if you find it, you would … Continue reading Iceland Trip #5 Fairytale at Backyard

Iceland Trip #4 Many, Many Waterfalls

Before I went to Iceland I knew I would see many waterfalls. But I had never expected to see so many waterfalls. The Gullfoss ("Golden Falls") on the Hvítá river was the first one I saw. I was so excited that I snapped as many as possible photos even under strong windy and rainy weather. … Continue reading Iceland Trip #4 Many, Many Waterfalls

Iceland Trip #3 The Ocean of Purple

Soon after we landed at Reykjavík, I was surprised by a large field of lupine in front of airport. Back at home we usually drive for couple of hours to see such a big lupine field, but at Reykjavík and its surroundings the purple flowers are everywhere! In the following days we saw them at … Continue reading Iceland Trip #3 The Ocean of Purple

Iceland Trip #2 Lovely Animals

It surprised me that Icelandic animals have been remaining peace with each other, that is said there are no predators and preys! Those wolfs, bears, polar bears or other carnivores can not survive at Iceland. The only beings who can kill others are human beings who use beaf, lamb, fishes and horses as their supplies … Continue reading Iceland Trip #2 Lovely Animals

The Capital of Volvo – Gothenburg

The main goal for me to go to Sweden was to see and sign off my newly ordered 2017 Volvo XC90, and visit the factory located at Gothenburg at the same time. Gothenburg is the second-largest city in Sweden and the fifth-largest in the Nordic countries.  It is situated by the Kattegat, on the west … Continue reading The Capital of Volvo – Gothenburg

The Royal Palace of Sweden

The Royal Palace is the official residence and major royal palace of the Swedish monarch.  Its square-shape brick exterior, together with the castle lions at the northern facade, represents a royal power and dignity.  It was built in the middle of 13th century and contains over 1,400 rooms. It is almost impossible for anybody to get a … Continue reading The Royal Palace of Sweden

The Fall at Stockholm

The fall at Stockholm is as beautiful as Minnesota even it is even cooler than Minnesota. Cruising around the Lake Mälaren, I had a chance to view and capture the beautiful scenes, together with the difference style of buildings, on the horizon of the lake shoreline. Browsing through the leafs turning to red, orange and yellow, I … Continue reading The Fall at Stockholm

Her Name is Vasa

Located on the island of Djurgården, Stockholm, there is a museum which displays the only almost fully intact 17th century warship that has ever been salvaged.  The 64-gun warship was named after one of the King in Sweden, Gustav Vasa. The Vasa ship capsized and sank in Stockholm 1628 only after traveling for a distance … Continue reading Her Name is Vasa

Changing of Guard in Stockholm

After spending couple of days at Gothenburg, we took 3 - hour train to Stockholm.  Last Wednesday was the first day we spent in Sweden's capital, just in time to watch the Changing of the Royal Guard in front of the King of Sweden's residence.  The Changing of the Royal Guard started at 12:15 pm, to … Continue reading Changing of Guard in Stockholm

The Old Town at Stockholm

We just flew back to home last night, after one week trip to Sweden. After visiting Volvo headquarter at Gothenburg we took train to Stockholm, where we spent four days. Over years I have formed a habit that while visiting a brand new place, I must see those spots which gave birth to the modern society and … Continue reading The Old Town at Stockholm