Iceland Trip #2 Lovely Animals

It surprised me that Icelandic animals have been remaining peace with each other, that is said there are no predators and preys! Those wolfs, bears, polar bears or other carnivores can not survive at Iceland. The only beings who can kill others are human beings who use beaf, lamb, fishes and horses as their supplies … Continue reading Iceland Trip #2 Lovely Animals


Every December 06 is special for me! Around noontime of December 06 I landed on this new continent, it was twenty-eight years ago. I still remember at San Francisco airport where I entered into this country, Christmas decorations were everywhere, and Christmas music was flowing in the air. But I didn't know what Christmas was … Continue reading ANNIVERSARY Check

Be Prepared, Be Safe!

During last couple weeks a doe with her two fawns have been visiting my yard on the daily basis. The two fawns are tiny and often follow their mom closely. They were walking around nibbling on grass or mom stopped occasionally to nurse her babies. I wasn't sure whether those two babies could run on … Continue reading Be Prepared, Be Safe!

The Sparks in the Middle of Pandemic

Based on Zodiac year 2020 is the year of rat (鼠), based on the Heavenly Stem order year 2020 is "庚".  As a result year 2020, according to Chinese, should be year of "庚子鼠". Historically some unusual (mostly unfortunate) events occurred within such a timely coincidence (Half - Year Review). Since the beginning of 2020, … Continue reading The Sparks in the Middle of Pandemic

Portraits of Mallards

It is early winter 2020, and we are in the middle of second lockdown! This means no group outing, no parties, even no photo trips with those fellow photographers. But life is still going on and we need to find something fun ALONE! Suddenly I missed those mallards and other water birds, and decided to … Continue reading Portraits of Mallards

Negative Space in Photos

Soon after I started learning photography about 5 years ago, I was told that any photos should leave some empty spaces to activate viewers' imagination.  If a photo is aimed for commercial advertisements, the empty space (or negative space) becomes especially important since it allows users to add their designs onto it. I also learned … Continue reading Negative Space in Photos

Special Sunset in a Special Summer

We have been half-way through the year 2020. The first half was difficult and quarantined.  Many people have to give up something they loved due to pandemic, COVID -19.  Besides cancelling our trip to Iceland, our family also cancelled usual summer outdoor activities such as boating and biking. But it has not stopped me from … Continue reading Special Sunset in a Special Summer

Weekend Fun by Chasing the Sunlight

An abandoned farm barn on an empty field inspired me to dress up for some fun. After being in pajamas every day during last 3 months, I felt that I found my inner freedom again in that long yellow dress and under warm Summer sky. Thanks for visiting my post! Exuberant

Sunset at Japanese Garden

I am always obsessed with many things made or copied from Japan, because they are delicate and in high quality.  Couple of miles from my home there is a Japanese Garden, which displays pavilions, bridges, ponds, tiny beaches covered with pebbles, etc.  It has been the place for me to take a short walk on … Continue reading Sunset at Japanese Garden

An Unknown Beauty

COVID - 19 has been preventing us from exploring around distant world, but never prevented us from looking around the areas near us. The following is a kind of flower blooming in my friend's backyard.  I don't know its name, neither do my friend, but the lack of knowledge on it didn't stop us admire … Continue reading An Unknown Beauty