Up close and personal

I took a one-week trip to Santa Barbara alone last week. It not only helped me to refresh from busy schedules at work, but also gave me a chance to visit local zoo to get up close and personal with those lovely animals. Contrary to the brutal cold at then North the weather at California … Continue reading Up close and personal

What are these Pelicans doing?

I have never stopped to be fascinated by American white pelicans soon after I saw them floating / fishing in lakes or rivers. There is a group of white pelicans gathering near a dam located at Granite Falls during summertime. They relay on fishes to survive there. It is fun to watch their daily activities, … Continue reading What are these Pelicans doing?

Three Sides of a Big Gobbler

We have been working hard to make our yard animal - friendly. We set couple of hummingbirds' feeds for those tiny angles, installed some small fence lines under the roof convenient for birds to build their nests, put corns and fresh water out for deers, ducks, squirrels and turkeys. since the start of this spring … Continue reading Three Sides of a Big Gobbler

Oh, deer!

Hunting season is here! Those potential targets are running for their lives. They are smart to leave the wild world and enter into cities. On the same time of every year, I can see more deers, especially bucks wandering around our yard. We put some vegetables and fruits every morning to make sure those visitors … Continue reading Oh, deer!

Be Prepared, Be Safe!

During last couple weeks a doe with her two fawns have been visiting my yard on the daily basis. The two fawns are tiny and often follow their mom closely. They were walking around nibbling on grass or mom stopped occasionally to nurse her babies. I wasn't sure whether those two babies could run on … Continue reading Be Prepared, Be Safe!

Getting Away to an Alpaca Farm

Even though we are gradually recovering from pandemic, I am still cautious about any decisions to take any trips by public transportation as flight, train, bus, etc.. Thus the only places I have been visiting are within couple of hours driving distance. My latest trip out of town is to an alpaca farm close to … Continue reading Getting Away to an Alpaca Farm

Always Explore in More than One Way

It is always fun to look and take photos of the same things from various angles or on different moments. Last weekend the ducklings were finally hatched on our yard. Before they followed their parents onto their journey, I took some family photos for them. Since mommy duck had been staying in our yard for … Continue reading Always Explore in More than One Way


It has been supper hot (over 90 degree) over last couple of weeks, and the trend will continue through next week. For the first time in my life I started missing the winter at Minnesota. But birdies are taking full advantages of such a continuous high temperature and the shades & shadows around our yard. … Continue reading Expecting

Two Generations Together

I have been visiting Mississippi Rookery on a regular basis since late March this year. I wanted to see how those great blue herons built their home from scratch, found their another half to start families and raise their next generation. Here are couple of previous posts including my observations on herons' life: https://cxianliu.wordpress.com/2021/04/10/flight-in-fresh-spring-air/ https://cxianliu.wordpress.com/2021/05/22/blue-and-green-the-colors-for-new-lives/Continue reading Two Generations Together

Blue and Green: the Colors for New Lives

The colors of blue and green always remind us of freshly grown trees under the blue sky. Often times it is around spring season. With the birds chirping and plants sprouting, the earth is cultivating new lives! After spring arrives at Mississippi River, the birds turned to active after a long brutal winter. A great … Continue reading Blue and Green: the Colors for New Lives