Who Has Stolen My Apples?

The family farm located at Northern Wisconsin has producing apples for many years. By late fall of 2020 we were expecting a lot of big and sweet apples as before, but we were disappointed. The apples on the trees looked beautiful but small and tasted very sour. Where are those big and sweet apples? After … Continue reading Who Has Stolen My Apples?

The Emptiness and Depression

After more than 10 days' quarantining at home, I decided to take a tour around downtown Minneapolis.  There were a few cars driving by once a while, a few people wearing masks, protective glasses and rubber gloves walking down the streets, or waiting at almost empty train station.  I stopped by Wells Fargo building, where … Continue reading The Emptiness and Depression

The White World is Here Again

The winter at Minnesota is known brutal, but the beauty coming with the sub-zero temperature is often underestimated. Last weekend saw the first significant snowfalls at Minneapolis / St.Paul areas in this winter.  Just wandering around my neighborhood I was totally attracted by fairytale - like surroundings. Thanks for visiting my post!

The Field of Hope – under the Sunlight

Babbettes Seeds of Hope is a sunflower maze grown in the memory of Babbette, a wonderful woman who had a dream of cancer - free for her and others.  The maze is located in Eau Claire, WI and about one and half hour driving distance from my home.  We have gone there couple of times … Continue reading The Field of Hope – under the Sunlight

Japan #9 – The Love Story between Two Prairie Dogs

There is a lovely garden for black-tailed prairie dogs at Ueno Zoo.  The place is just like a wonderland for those tiny creatures, where they can play on the ground or underneath. The day we were there was a pleasant sunny day, all prairie dogs came out of their underground tunnels to enjoy the warmth. … Continue reading Japan #9 – The Love Story between Two Prairie Dogs

Bathe in Sunset

Avery is a 5-year old girl, she enjoys to play outdoor. Last weekend I had chance to photograph her running and jumping on a green field.  Here is one of the photos of her in action I captured. I like this photo, meanwhile I was searching a way to make it more interesting.  I decided … Continue reading Bathe in Sunset

Accompanied and Loved under Sunset

It has been hot and humid at the Twin Cities.  People like to take their families to have a relaxation time in the lakes near sunset time. Sunset is also one of my favorite photography topics during summertimes.  The joy shared among families and friends has been constantly inspired me, it brings the happiness into … Continue reading Accompanied and Loved under Sunset

Japanese Tea Ceremony

The Japanese Garden inside Como Park is tiny but elegant, made of lovely stones, rocks, bridges, towers and of course water flowing through them.  The tranquil place would calm down any turbulence in people's minds, and purify their souls. It was a little cloudy while we were there.  Since the photos are not full of … Continue reading Japanese Tea Ceremony

Happy Time on Ice

I am living at Minnesota, where winter usually lasts around six months. The extremely cold weather actually creates a lot of recreation activities which most people might not experience in other places.  Last weekend, by chance I photographed dog sleds on one of the frozen lake. Look at those happy people who were laughing behind … Continue reading Happy Time on Ice

A Little Bravery

Using high shutter speed to capture the moments of excitement in skiing or snowboarding is not new for me.  But once a while I can still by chance get something I believe inspiring. Last Saturday I spotted a little kid on one of the hills, he (she) was so tiny to make me believe he … Continue reading A Little Bravery