About Me

I am originally from Xi’an (西安), a capital city of 11 ancient dynasties at China.  It is also the home to the famous Terra-cotta Soldiers (Qin Dynasty –221-206 B.C.).

Photographed by http://ivyphotos.smugmug.com/

The old name of Xi’an was Chang’an (長安), which means “long peace” in Chinese.  It located at the ending point of ancient silk road, where merchants used to stop and exchange goods.  As a result, it was flourishing through long history of China due to its advantageous location.

Nowadays, Xi’an is still playing a critical role in technology, education, entertainment, arts and culture in Mainland China.

Here is more information about my hometown – Xi’an China.

About 20 years ago I flew all the way here, carrying a dream to build a brand new life.  I started from ground zero, have gone through a series fluctuation of failures and successes, and eventually have stood up on my own feet.  My rich experiences in the past helped to form current “ME”, a person embracing the Western and Oriental cultures together, and to bloom into vivid stories in many aspects as well.

Here is more information about me.

I have been learning and blogging since July 2013, with the support from my readers, I made significant progresses in shaping my blog site.  As a result I am trying my best to help new bloggers to start up while I am continuously learning.


52 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I love the name “From Hiding to Blogging.” It encompasses so much about expressing one’s self on the internet. I look forward to reading more from you about your adventures and writing expression.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello Yan!
    I’m Polish and if I can, might I ask you a question?
    I just wondered about your surname – it’s so Polish! I didn’t expect such a name as far away as China 🙂
    Do you have Polish ancestors?


  3. Hi there,
    I like your blog and the look:)
    You are doing some fabulous work! Even after years of blogging, you feel for the people trying to make their place here (new bloggers) is commendable..God bless you:)


  4. I was initially intrigued by your blog title, and then by your family background. And now, trawling around your blog, the lovely mix of pictures and text. I’ll be dropping in 🙂


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