Being Optimistic through the Winter with Pandemic

The numbers of infections and death spiked in the past week, the date of back-to-office was delayed once again. The dark cloud of COVID-19 is still floating over the world, it seems that we are continuously walking in a tunnel without seeing light in front.

Working at home for over eight months I really miss the daily commute time and the interactions with colleagues at office. The thing I love most is the communication with coworkers through calls and Zoom.

Couple of days ago I saw a quarrels jumping around in my backyard, looking for corns / acorns underneath the snow. Soon after he digged one out using his tiny paws, he ate it with smiling and satisfaction on his face.

I was amazed by the optimistic attitude from this little creature near me. Suddenly I realized that for those animals happiness is so simple to acquire even in brutally cold place. For us with a warm roof and the company from families, shouldn’t we appreciate that we already have and enjoy every minute regardless of what situations we are currently facing.

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Found in the neighborhood

11 thoughts on “Being Optimistic through the Winter with Pandemic

  1. Squirrels are quite cute…unless they’re stealing birdseed from your bird feeder. 🙂 They may be out in the cold, but they wear fabulous fur coats, which has to help.

    I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend.


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  2. What a great lesson to learn from nature. At this point we should be grateful to still be alive, have our friends and families and a job. Too many people have lost one or all of the above.


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