An Unknown Beauty

COVID - 19 has been preventing us from exploring around distant world, but never prevented us from looking around the areas near us. The following is a kind of flower blooming in my friend's backyard.  I don't know its name, neither do my friend, but the lack of knowledge on it didn't stop us admire … Continue reading An Unknown Beauty

Surprise but Easy!

Swans are beautiful and elegant.  They bring us with their grace, peace and tranquility wherever they go.  I have photographed white swans many times, with a goal to capture the moment when they face each other to form a heart shape with their long necks.  However I have not been so fortunate. Last night while … Continue reading Surprise but Easy!

Soaring Dragon – Photo 101 Day 20

The photo of this soaring dragon was taken on the night of lantern display at my hometown, Xi'an, China. I was at first hesitate to go out at a cold night in the middle of February to take pictures in the crowd.  But my sister encouraged me and she even went with me to climb … Continue reading Soaring Dragon – Photo 101 Day 20

Happiness in fourfold – Photo 101 Day 19

While I was staying at my parents' home, there was a young couple getting married in the same apartment complex.  They posted one "Double Happiness" signs on each of the two pillars at the entrance, to share their excitements with others. By simple math calculation, two times two results in four.  The end results became … Continue reading Happiness in fourfold – Photo 101 Day 19

Grumpy God and Imaginary Dragon – Photo 101 Day 18

The following couple of photos were taken on the last Lunar New Year, at a village located on the Northwestern part of China. The sculpture of a grumpy god ridding on a lion - like animal was standing besides the front door of a tea store.  It was funny that the god was wearing a red scarf … Continue reading Grumpy God and Imaginary Dragon – Photo 101 Day 18

An Unexpected Guest at Easter – Photo 101 Day 16 & 17

I was alone at home on this Easter Morning, cooking and doing some chores around the house. While I was at kitchen, through the winder a young doe was looking around curiously.  I quietly ran to grab my camera and aimed the lens at her.  Luckily I had my zoom lens attached with the DSLR, … Continue reading An Unexpected Guest at Easter – Photo 101 Day 16 & 17

Under the Autumn Sunshine – Photo 101 Day 15

It was sunny autumn day, the leafs started turning to red, gold or bright yellow. I took the picture with the broad view of our family farm located at Northern Wisconsin, with my husband and my daughter standing on the field enjoying beautiful scenes. During post - adjustment, I purposely placed colorful forest toward right, onto … Continue reading Under the Autumn Sunshine – Photo 101 Day 15

The Red Hearts Floating in Air – Photo 101 Day 11

This photo of Dance of those hearts and butterflies was taken at my hometown, Xi'an, China, which is one of the landmarks for the city. It was Valentine Day, there were many young couples gathering around the combination of hearts and butterflies for photo shot.  It took a long time for me and my parents … Continue reading The Red Hearts Floating in Air – Photo 101 Day 11

“Pond Skim” – Photo 101 Day 9

I didn't know what pond skim is until this past weekend. To celebrate the end of the ski & snowboarding season and welcome the warm weather approaching to Minnesota, the nearby winter resort set up an activity named "pond skim".  It combines downhill skiing or snowboarding with water skating together.  Those high speed skiers and … Continue reading “Pond Skim” – Photo 101 Day 9

Solitude on a Wasteland

She is a nicely dressed girl, with stunning dyed hair, but for some reasons she ran into a wasteland full of abandoned staffs.  Her fashion formed a strong contract with her surroundings. I could feel her fear, and helpless since I saw her looking around and finally took out her phone to call somebody.  She … Continue reading Solitude on a Wasteland