The Rules of Photo Composite

The rule of third of photo composite means that we should place the main subject in the left or right third of an image, leaving other two thirds open to add something such as writing, comments, etc. The goals of such a photo composite is not only for flexibility, but also for the viewers to … Continue reading The Rules of Photo Composite

Solitude on a Wasteland

She is a nicely dressed girl, with stunning dyed hair, but for some reasons she ran into a wasteland full of abandoned staffs.  Her fashion formed a strong contract with her surroundings. I could feel her fear, and helpless since I saw her looking around and finally took out her phone to call somebody.  She … Continue reading Solitude on a Wasteland

The Rule of Third / The Rule of Composing

This is the entry to "CEE’S COMPOSE YOURSELF CHALLENGE: WEEK #2 WHAT ALL GOOD COMPOSED PHOTOS HAVE IN COMMON". Personally I consider "the rule of third" as the rule of good composed photos.  There should be a main subject in any photo, and the main subject should be around the place of one - third across the entire … Continue reading The Rule of Third / The Rule of Composing