Beautiful “Audrey”

Time flys, with blink of eyes we are in October, which means we can say goodbye to summer, and give fall a warm welcome. One of my favorite photography topics in fall is display of various pumpkins. Starting October 01 of each year, there is a huge collection of pumpkins (I was told over 300 … Continue reading Beautiful “Audrey”

Beautiful autumn at Northern Michigan

Couple of friends and me took a road trip along northern Michigan to conclude 2021 autumn photo exploration. Our first stop was at the Lake of Clouds surrounded by Porcupine Mountain located in Ontonagon County in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The lake is situated in a valley between two ridges in the Porcupine Mountains. … Continue reading Beautiful autumn at Northern Michigan

Who Has Stolen My Apples?

The family farm located at Northern Wisconsin has producing apples for many years. By late fall of 2020 we were expecting a lot of big and sweet apples as before, but we were disappointed. The apples on the trees looked beautiful but small and tasted very sour. Where are those big and sweet apples? After … Continue reading Who Has Stolen My Apples?

A Temporary Hideaway Place

What if we have to move long distance twice per year? In that case we can't have any belongings except a few close family members who are also willing to move with us. Sandhill cranes, as well as many other species, have been following such a yearly routine through their lifetime. In the middle of … Continue reading A Temporary Hideaway Place

A Day at Minneopa State Park

The Bank I am working for use Columbus day as a company - wide holiday. I took off to Minneopa State Park at southern Minnesota. Due to its location it is just surrounded by the peak of stunning fall colors. The park was established in 1905 to preserve Minneopa Falls, a large waterfall for southern … Continue reading A Day at Minneopa State Park

Walking in Countryside

Park Falls is a small town located at Northern Wisconsin and surrounded by endless fields. It is more like a countryside, instead of a city. With much less population density and pollutions caused by disappearing local industries, people can enjoy view over great farmlands during the daytime and magnificent galaxies at night. For me driving … Continue reading Walking in Countryside

Walking in the Fall Atmosphere at Copper Falls State Park

The past weekend was the autumn peak time at Northern Wisconsin. The temperature was about 10 degree lower compared at Minneapolis / St. Paul areas. After close to four hour driving, I finally arrived at Copper Falls State Park. It was the second time for me to visit there, last time was at the end … Continue reading Walking in the Fall Atmosphere at Copper Falls State Park

Korea Trip #1 – Autumn at Odaesan National Park

I unfortunately missed the peak fall season at Minneapolis this year due to my planned trip to Seoul, Korea.  But I had chance to enjoy peak fall season at Odaesan National Park. Odaesan National Park is one of the largest national parks in Korea with an area of an area of 298.5㎢ and was designated … Continue reading Korea Trip #1 – Autumn at Odaesan National Park

Japan #13 – Tatami and Clothes Hanging

Wherever I have gone, I always tried to immerse myself in local tradition. During one of the trips we visited beautiful sacred bridge (神桥) standing at the entrance to Nikko 's shrines and temples (东照宫).  The bridge is ranked as one of Japan's three finest bridges together with Iwakuni 's Kintaikyo and Saruhashi in Yamanashi Prefecture. … Continue reading Japan #13 – Tatami and Clothes Hanging