Romance in Silence

Minnehaha Fall is the biggest waterfall around Minneapolis areas.  It is 53-foot tall, and it can roar so loudly that I could hear it from a few miles away.

Today I drove by the park, to my surprise the area was quiet.  The unusual Silence prompted me stop my car and go to see what happened to the waterfall.  I was stunned by what I saw!

The waterfall has been frozen to solid, decorated with beautiful columns of ice emitting the color of light green.  The previous loud waterfall has turned to such a magnificent and tranquil curtain of icicles!

The entire park area became a calm place, I was also lucky enough to capture a wedding in snow.  This is also my first experience, and I was amazed by the bride wearing silky gown in the cold while exchanging vow with her groom.

Out of This World

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