Japan #5 – The Beauties in Kimonos

Different kinds of Japanese traditional garment became my obsession a long time ago.  I have enjoyed looking at people in kimonos. During the trip to Japan I got a chance to photography the Japanese, women, men and kids wearing kimonos.  In addition the hairstyles coming with the garment also have unique beauties.  Here is a … Continue reading Japan #5 – The Beauties in Kimonos

Japan #1 – Hakone

After we said farewell to 2018 Fall at Minnesota, I flew to Japan, where I was fortunate to experience another beautiful autumn.  The entire schedule was planned by one of my college classmates, Xiao.  She is a well organized person to lead me sightsee as much as possible during a short 10-day period. Our first … Continue reading Japan #1 – Hakone

The Last Breath of this Autumn

Yesterday was sunny but very windy.  The colorful leaves were dancing their way to the ground by the force of strong wind.  After one day and one night the leaves were pretty much all reached to their destiny - the earth, except that only a few are still dangling in the middle of air. Good … Continue reading The Last Breath of this Autumn

The Second Autumn of the Year

It has been cold and snowy at Minneapolis with the most plants and flowers withered by the harsh weather. Even in the middle of winter season I experienced another beautiful autumn - at Dallas.  After a major project at work finished I finally had some spare time, I gave myself some refreshing time.  I flew … Continue reading The Second Autumn of the Year

They are Leaving us

We all once a while face something which can only be with us temporally. Winter has arrived at Minnesota, so has snow.  Walking around Normandale Lake today I saw large groups of geese and other birds are gathering together on the thin ice.  Based on my previous observations, I know they are getting ready to … Continue reading They are Leaving us

Same Place but Different Feeling

It is already in the middle of October, which reminds me of time flying in front of me within a blink of eyes. It is also said that a fall season only lasts for a month, thus I like to take any chance to enjoy such a Temporary mixing of beautiful colors. While I was … Continue reading Same Place but Different Feeling

The Last Glimpse of the Red

With more and more dry withered leafs pilling up in our yard, there are less and less red color on the plants around.  It was said that at Minnesota there are 4 - month summer time, 6 - month winter time, and only one - month for each of spring and fall.  Usually we might … Continue reading The Last Glimpse of the Red

Those Red Leafs Floating in Creek

The weather at Minnesota has been in deep fall, with all leafs turning to red, pink, orange or yellow.  Last Sunday I finally got a chance to walk around and take pictures inside Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.  Wandering among the plants and stepping on the falling leafs gave me a difference feeling, from the time when … Continue reading Those Red Leafs Floating in Creek

The Fall at Stockholm

The fall at Stockholm is as beautiful as Minnesota even it is even cooler than Minnesota. Cruising around the Lake Mälaren, I had a chance to view and capture the beautiful scenes, together with the difference style of buildings, on the horizon of the lake shoreline. Browsing through the leafs turning to red, orange and yellow, I … Continue reading The Fall at Stockholm