What are these Pelicans doing?

I have never stopped to be fascinated by American white pelicans soon after I saw them floating / fishing in lakes or rivers. There is a group of white pelicans gathering near a dam located at Granite Falls during summertime. They relay on fishes to survive there. It is fun to watch their daily activities, … Continue reading What are these Pelicans doing?

Iceland Trip #2 Lovely Animals

It surprised me that Icelandic animals have been remaining peace with each other, that is said there are no predators and preys! Those wolfs, bears, polar bears or other carnivores can not survive at Iceland. The only beings who can kill others are human beings who use beaf, lamb, fishes and horses as their supplies … Continue reading Iceland Trip #2 Lovely Animals

Portraits of Mallards

It is early winter 2020, and we are in the middle of second lockdown! This means no group outing, no parties, even no photo trips with those fellow photographers. But life is still going on and we need to find something fun ALONE! Suddenly I missed those mallards and other water birds, and decided to … Continue reading Portraits of Mallards

The Sun Will Rise Again

We have been going through a lot in year 2020, from COVID - 19, to BLM then close racing presidential election, etc.. Each event has more or less created impacts on political and economical environments. I always believe that things happened with a reason. Sometimes while enduring hardship patience is the only way for us … Continue reading The Sun Will Rise Again

It Has Snowed

First in more than one hundred years, we had more than 6 inch snowfalls in the middle of October. With the cold front coming so soon, a lot of red or orange leafs were struggling and falling down from their branches. Winter attacked even before autumn had not gone away yet, which created the temporary … Continue reading It Has Snowed

A Day at Minneopa State Park

The Bank I am working for use Columbus day as a company - wide holiday. I took off to Minneopa State Park at southern Minnesota. Due to its location it is just surrounded by the peak of stunning fall colors. The park was established in 1905 to preserve Minneopa Falls, a large waterfall for southern … Continue reading A Day at Minneopa State Park

Jay Cooke State Park

Even though there is only half leafs / plants around Minneapolis / St. Paul areas turning colors, the northern Minnesota has already welcome the peak of fall! I spent a day at Jay Cooke State Park yesterday, enjoying the beauty of autumn on the shores of Saint Louis River. The park is located at the … Continue reading Jay Cooke State Park

The Inspiration from those Diligent HummingBirds

Every middle of September is the last season for hummingbirds to spend time at Minnesota, after that they will be migrating to Mexico, Panama or other Southern hemisphere. They became especially diligent carrying pollens across various flowers to make their last contributions this year. Its also the time for many photographers to gather together at … Continue reading The Inspiration from those Diligent HummingBirds

The Inspiration from Autumn Sunset

We were still using air condition couple of weeks ago, then we already switch to heater today.  This is how fast the weather alters at Minnesota! The flowers start to wither and leafs start to turn color. The only thing I have found remains unchanged is the glory sunset, and those local energetic people. Lake … Continue reading The Inspiration from Autumn Sunset

The Beautiful Bad River

Even the pandemic is still going around us, we took a vacation to Northern Wisconsin during this past weekend. The Bad River is a river flowing from the southwestern end of Caroline Lake to Lake Superior in northern Wisconsin.  On the way to its destination, it passes Copper Falls State Park through a gorge and drops … Continue reading The Beautiful Bad River