It Has Snowed

First in more than one hundred years, we had more than 6 inch snowfalls in the middle of October. With the cold front coming so soon, a lot of red or orange leafs were struggling and falling down from their branches. Winter attacked even before autumn had not gone away yet, which created the temporary coexisting of autumn and winter.

2020 is a extraordinary year with a lot of unusual things passing by, the interactions of autumn and winter undoubtedly became another one added onto the list.

The is a set of water falls called Hidden Falls at Nerstrand Big Woods State Park. The park preserves part of the island of woods located amidst the prairie. This is not the sort of terrain where you would expect to find a waterfall. Perhaps that is the reason for the name “Hidden”. Due to its beautiful surroundings and its uniqueness the set of water falls has been on my to-visit list for sometime.

However the busy schedule at work and autumn scenic photography around Minnesota and Wisconsin, Banning State Park, Jay Cooke State Park, Copper Falls State Park, Saw hummingbird off, Minneopa State Park, Migration of sandhill cranes, etc., by the time I finally decided to visit the Hidden Falls, it was already early winter with a few inches of snow on the ground.

By the end I am still happy to get a chance to visit / photography the unique Hidden Falls.

There is already some pieces of icicles hung behind the water streams, if a long exposure (~ 20 seconds) is used during picture taking, some swirling of leafs on the water surface can be seen (second photo).

I consider the capturing of the last piece of autumn before everything is frozen as a wonderful treat.

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