What are these Pelicans doing?

I have never stopped to be fascinated by American white pelicans soon after I saw them floating / fishing in lakes or rivers.

There is a group of white pelicans gathering near a dam located at Granite Falls during summertime. They relay on fishes to survive there.

It is fun to watch their daily activities, such as floating, fishing, flying, relaxing or just standing under the sunlight.

It is more interested to see them once a while doing something unusual.

Guess what he is doing.

Guess what they are doing.

These three guys remain me of my favorite TV series, The Three Stooges.

Just look at those happy faces while a carp is jumping high in front of them. This made me wonder whether they are fishing or just enjoy to watch fishes jumping out of water?

Any comments are welcome!

Whatsoever is Lovely Challenge – 2022 Week 30

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