The Sun Will Rise Again

We have been going through a lot in year 2020, from COVID – 19, to BLM then close racing presidential election, etc.. Each event has more or less created impacts on political and economical environments.

I always believe that things happened with a reason. Sometimes while enduring hardship patience is the only way for us to wait the sunlight sheds into our path again.

Regardless what the situation is, the Sun will certainly come out tomorrow to bring us with its warmth.

The photos were taken at Sherborne National Wildlife Refuge, Minnesota, on November 05 2020

The Sun will come out Tomorrow!

15 thoughts on “The Sun Will Rise Again

  1. A great post timed to perfection, Yan …

    I am a great believer in the famous quote form the great book of Hinduism, the Bhgavad Gita : ‘Everything happens for a reason’.

    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful post and have a great weekend 🙂

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