Spring Time? Not Quite!

It was April 1st, also April fool day! For the most parts of the places, it was start of spring time, accompanied by plants sprouting, temperature rising, birds chirping and people outing. But on this passing fool day, out mother nature brought Minneapolis / St. Paul areas with a gift of another big snowstorm. This … Continue reading Spring Time? Not Quite!

The Season for Jack-O-Lanterns

One of the local traditions at Minnesota is growing pumpkins. The weight of grown pumpkins can range from less than a pound to over 2,500 pounds to set a record. Sometimes a huge pumpkin (over 2,000 pounds) was lift into air by a crane and drop onto grass at a harvest fest. The people around … Continue reading The Season for Jack-O-Lanterns

Beautiful “Audrey”

Time flys, with blink of eyes we are in October, which means we can say goodbye to summer, and give fall a warm welcome. One of my favorite photography topics in fall is display of various pumpkins. Starting October 01 of each year, there is a huge collection of pumpkins (I was told over 300 … Continue reading Beautiful “Audrey”

What are these Pelicans doing?

I have never stopped to be fascinated by American white pelicans soon after I saw them floating / fishing in lakes or rivers. There is a group of white pelicans gathering near a dam located at Granite Falls during summertime. They relay on fishes to survive there. It is fun to watch their daily activities, … Continue reading What are these Pelicans doing?

Oh, deer!

Hunting season is here! Those potential targets are running for their lives. They are smart to leave the wild world and enter into cities. On the same time of every year, I can see more deers, especially bucks wandering around our yard. We put some vegetables and fruits every morning to make sure those visitors … Continue reading Oh, deer!

The last burst of autumn beauty

I have gone to several places to capture the beauty of autumn, starting from the FootHills National Forest, driving for four hours to the Northern Shore areas, then driving for nine hours to Northern Michigan. Along the way during long driving through country roads, lakes, rivers, forests, etc., nature had never stopped to amaze me. … Continue reading The last burst of autumn beauty

It is at peak!

The trip to the northern Minnesota revealed a full bloom of Autumn color! A hiking trail brought us to a forest and presented us with the most beautiful autumn scene I have ever seen. The forest was covered by thick fog that day, which created a sense of mystery. While walking on the trail I … Continue reading It is at peak!

The beginning of the colors

Autumn is the second spring, every colorful leaf is a blooming flower! Especially at Minnesota autumn is just previous as spring since both of them only lasts for about a month. Since I love the color coming with autumn so much I usually take some time off from busy schedules at work to immerse myself … Continue reading The beginning of the colors