A New Family

Early spring is the time not only for flowers to bloom but also for birds to start new families. There is a couple of owls in a forest nearby. They soon became local celebrity since they decided to build their home in a tree cavity. Everyday many locals stopped by to visit them - parents … Continue reading A New Family

Modern Dancing Party – Swan Lake

Swans are actually great dancers.  Here is a record of their dancing party, named as "Swan Lake". Dancing of a single swan: Dancing of double swans: Dancing of a group of swans: What do you think?  Do you like their dancing skills? Thanks for visiting my post!

Portraits of Orangutan and Gorilla

I had an opportunities to get together with couple of fellow photographers on the past Sunday.  We went to Como Park to practice shooting and share the experience in photographing.  The park is a collection of plants and animals around the world, also an entertainment place for children. It was the first time for me … Continue reading Portraits of Orangutan and Gorilla

A Shy Visitor to Our House

Couple of days ago, I was cooking dinner at kitchen.  Through the kitchen window I saw a beautiful doe peeking at be behind a small tree.  I immediately grabbed my DSLR and ran outside to snapped a photo of her standing behind the tree. She apparently saw me taking her picture, but wasn't scared at … Continue reading A Shy Visitor to Our House

An Unexpected Guest at Easter – Photo 101 Day 16 & 17

I was alone at home on this Easter Morning, cooking and doing some chores around the house. While I was at kitchen, through the winder a young doe was looking around curiously.  I quietly ran to grab my camera and aimed the lens at her.  Luckily I had my zoom lens attached with the DSLR, … Continue reading An Unexpected Guest at Easter – Photo 101 Day 16 & 17

What might be at a far place

This is my entry for this week's "CEE’S BLACK & WHITE PHOTO CHALLENGE: FARAWAY" We are all interested in exploring what might be at a far place.  That might forms the reasons for us to go far into ocean front, ...or walk on our feet in early morning to attend school activities for more learning … Continue reading What might be at a far place