Shinning with Pure and Soft Hues

After a fun trip to Northern shore, I discovered another exciting exhibit - ice sculptures. Here is an introduction of the group of ice sculptures along the bounder between Minnesota and Wisconsin: TUCKED IN A LITTLE VALLEY beside the winding Rush River in the town of Salem, Wisconsin, Roger Nelson’s ice formations sit overtop an … Continue reading Shinning with Pure and Soft Hues

The Flowers Formed by Strips

Winter at Minnesota is not all about blizzard, polar vortex or heavy traffic in the middle of snowstorm. It is also about beauties created by the sub-zero temperature. Ice flowers on the window at a cold morning are among those creations by brutal cold weather. Actually those ice flowers are also called window frost, which … Continue reading The Flowers Formed by Strips

Walking in the Fall Atmosphere at Copper Falls State Park

The past weekend was the autumn peak time at Northern Wisconsin. The temperature was about 10 degree lower compared at Minneapolis / St. Paul areas. After close to four hour driving, I finally arrived at Copper Falls State Park. It was the second time for me to visit there, last time was at the end … Continue reading Walking in the Fall Atmosphere at Copper Falls State Park

Dancing through the Cold

Seeing another big snow storm across Twin City areas on March 1, I knew the spring warmth is still far away from us. The continuous cold weather is what I am wishing since those swans, geese and ducks are staying in the same lake.  On the sunrise time of last Saturday I went there to … Continue reading Dancing through the Cold

Visited “Swan Lake” Again

I went to the same place to visit "Swan Lake" again this morning.  The temperature was around 20F below zero, the sky was cloudy not like last week (Angels in Morning Mist).  Luckily there was still mist floating over the open water.  The swans and other birdies were enjoying their time as usual. I am … Continue reading Visited “Swan Lake” Again

Polar Vortex

This past week at Minneapolis can be described by one word - cold! The winter at Minneapolis is always cold, but previous winters have never been like this one, which is not only cold but very very cold!  There is a natural phenomena called "polar vortex", meaning air from north pole is circulated toward south … Continue reading Polar Vortex

Happy Time on Ice

I am living at Minnesota, where winter usually lasts around six months. The extremely cold weather actually creates a lot of recreation activities which most people might not experience in other places.  Last weekend, by chance I photographed dog sleds on one of the frozen lake. Look at those happy people who were laughing behind … Continue reading Happy Time on Ice

Grow above Frigid Weather

On the last Christmas day, the temperature was 15F below zero.  I bundled myself inside a pile of "Canada Goose", and headed to ski hill nearby. Over there was not cold at all, instead the activities of skiing and snowboarding were heating everything up.  I was amazed how fast those kids (I guessed most of … Continue reading Grow above Frigid Weather