Beautiful “Audrey”

Time flys, with blink of eyes we are in October, which means we can say goodbye to summer, and give fall a warm welcome.

One of my favorite photography topics in fall is display of various pumpkins. Starting October 01 of each year, there is a huge collection of pumpkins (I was told over 300 species) displayed at Minnesota Landscape Arboretum.

I was among the first group to arrive at the Arboretum on the morning of October 01. Even though pumpkin display happens every year, the kind of pumpkins and the arrangements throughout the Arboretum varies from year to year. For this reason I have always been looking for any surprises.

There are some impressive gathering of pumpkins, as previous years.

But, the biggest treasure I found this year is a 590-pound pumpkin giant!

I have never seen such a huge pumpkin before, even couldn’t believe a pumpkin can grow so big given a very short summer time at Minnesota.

I can’t image how many pies can be made from it, and what kind of carving projects people have in their minds for upcoming Halloween!

The most interesting fact for the giant pumpkin, it has been given a beautiful name: “Audrey”!

Is Audrey one of the most amazing pumpkins this year? I certainly believe so.

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