Iceland Trip #5 Fairytale at Backyard

While the world was feed up with the news of the Fagradalsfjall volcano eruption near Reykjavik, I remembered a tranquil fairytale word I saw around Akureyri, the capital city of Northern Iceland.

The fairytale word is hidden behind a private house, which makes it hard to be noticed. But if you find it, you would been impressed by its extraordinary designs and colors.

The folk artist, Hreinn, wasn’t at home while we visited, his garden was open though. We just got into the backyard and explored the wood colorful sculptures by ourselves.

I am sure every figure tells a story or two, within them I only know the names such as sleeping beauty, snow-white and seven dwarfs.

Please name others if you know, and tell the stories if you can.

These delightful statues are also on display both at the annual Hrafnagilshátíð festival and at Amtsbókasafnið – the Municipal Library close to Herinn’s home, and more places.

I heard that a few hundreds of young kids had visited this fairytale world, sometimes they could even touch or sit with the statues to image the vivid lives with those figures.

All those statues were made out of recycled materials, such as old ornaments, buttons, old toys, old wood furnitures or old kitchen supplies. All visitor can choose to donate money or recycled items for Hreinn to build more in the future.

Hreinn has a Facebook page for his artworks:

Fairytale at backyard

Go to visit, and I am sure you will be amazed.

Art in the Park (and other places)

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