The Rules of Photo Composite

The rule of third of photo composite means that we should place the main subject in the left or right third of an image, leaving other two thirds open to add something such as writing, comments, etc. The goals of such a photo composite is not only for flexibility, but also for the viewers to … Continue reading The Rules of Photo Composite

Red Rock Canyon

I didn't expect to find anything new from the trip to Las Vegas over last weekend, simply because I had been there several times. Beyond noisy and lively casinos, the best oriental restaurants I could find in this country, nothing else I was planning to visit. As before I had never completed any trips without … Continue reading Red Rock Canyon


Even though few weeks has passed since Chinese Lunar New Year (year of tiger), I am still amazed by the creative choreography presented on New Year's celebration party. A lady was dancing in front of a background of a bright moon. With other part of the music hall turning completely dark, the effect of dancing … Continue reading Silhouette

The last burst of autumn beauty

I have gone to several places to capture the beauty of autumn, starting from the FootHills National Forest, driving for four hours to the Northern Shore areas, then driving for nine hours to Northern Michigan. Along the way during long driving through country roads, lakes, rivers, forests, etc., nature had never stopped to amaze me. … Continue reading The last burst of autumn beauty

Beautiful autumn at Northern Michigan

Couple of friends and me took a road trip along northern Michigan to conclude 2021 autumn photo exploration. Our first stop was at the Lake of Clouds surrounded by Porcupine Mountain located in Ontonagon County in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The lake is situated in a valley between two ridges in the Porcupine Mountains. … Continue reading Beautiful autumn at Northern Michigan

The last blooming at the summer

There are usually some sunflower fields around Twin Cities between the middle of August and the first week of September. People also take advantage of such time to enjoy the last blooming of the summer. The Fish Sunflowers field at Gibbon was the last place to close for the season. I went there just the … Continue reading The last blooming at the summer


It has been supper hot (over 90 degree) over last couple of weeks, and the trend will continue through next week. For the first time in my life I started missing the winter at Minnesota. But birdies are taking full advantages of such a continuous high temperature and the shades & shadows around our yard. … Continue reading Expecting

Cherry Blossom

The spring at Minnesota comes later than other places. So far there are only a few flowers popping up. Cherry blossom is one of them. There are not many cherry blossom trees around city, but I found couple of cherry blossom trees inside Japanese Garden. The Garden was tiny, at most 2 aces. But it … Continue reading Cherry Blossom

They are Growing so Fast!

Couple of weeks ago I went to a local park to visit a new family of five. At that time the little owlets were tiny and hide in their nest. Only raised their heads to look around once while. Couple of days ago I went there again only to see those owlets grown so much, … Continue reading They are Growing so Fast!