Beautiful “Audrey”

Time flys, with blink of eyes we are in October, which means we can say goodbye to summer, and give fall a warm welcome. One of my favorite photography topics in fall is display of various pumpkins. Starting October 01 of each year, there is a huge collection of pumpkins (I was told over 300 … Continue reading Beautiful “Audrey”

Iceland Trip #3 The Ocean of Purple

Soon after we landed at Reykjavík, I was surprised by a large field of lupine in front of airport. Back at home we usually drive for couple of hours to see such a big lupine field, but at Reykjavík and its surroundings the purple flowers are everywhere! In the following days we saw them at … Continue reading Iceland Trip #3 The Ocean of Purple

Iceland Trip #2 Lovely Animals

It surprised me that Icelandic animals have been remaining peace with each other, that is said there are no predators and preys! Those wolfs, bears, polar bears or other carnivores can not survive at Iceland. The only beings who can kill others are human beings who use beaf, lamb, fishes and horses as their supplies … Continue reading Iceland Trip #2 Lovely Animals

Blooming Peonies

The summer time at Minnesota is always short and precious, the blooming time for peonies is even shorter and more precious! The blooming time for peonies is around two weeks during middle of June. I have photographed the flowers many times over the years, but I have never gotten tired of capturing their beauty. Driving … Continue reading Blooming Peonies

Red Rock Canyon

I didn't expect to find anything new from the trip to Las Vegas over last weekend, simply because I had been there several times. Beyond noisy and lively casinos, the best oriental restaurants I could find in this country, nothing else I was planning to visit. As before I had never completed any trips without … Continue reading Red Rock Canyon

The last burst of autumn beauty

I have gone to several places to capture the beauty of autumn, starting from the FootHills National Forest, driving for four hours to the Northern Shore areas, then driving for nine hours to Northern Michigan. Along the way during long driving through country roads, lakes, rivers, forests, etc., nature had never stopped to amaze me. … Continue reading The last burst of autumn beauty

Be Prepared, Be Safe!

During last couple weeks a doe with her two fawns have been visiting my yard on the daily basis. The two fawns are tiny and often follow their mom closely. They were walking around nibbling on grass or mom stopped occasionally to nurse her babies. I wasn't sure whether those two babies could run on … Continue reading Be Prepared, Be Safe!

The Random Collection of Tiny Flowers

A trip on last Sunday to Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden and Bird Sanctuary was to look for the state flower of Minnesota - lady slipper. But there I was told that the blooming time for lady slippers should be in June. I still took a walk around the garden and saw a various kinds of … Continue reading The Random Collection of Tiny Flowers

Look, an Owl……

Working from home is not necessarily working at ease, often times I am facing more challenges. I have been frustrating with a new project during last couple of weeks, a brand new area, tight deadline and once a while disagreement with my boss, etc. The pressure has been high but I have to keep my … Continue reading Look, an Owl……

The Sparks in the Middle of Pandemic

Based on Zodiac year 2020 is the year of rat (鼠), based on the Heavenly Stem order year 2020 is "庚".  As a result year 2020, according to Chinese, should be year of "庚子鼠". Historically some unusual (mostly unfortunate) events occurred within such a timely coincidence (Half - Year Review). Since the beginning of 2020, … Continue reading The Sparks in the Middle of Pandemic