Blooming Peonies

The summer time at Minnesota is always short and precious, the blooming time for peonies is even shorter and more precious! The blooming time for peonies is around two weeks during middle of June. I have photographed the flowers many times over the years, but I have never gotten tired of capturing their beauty. Driving … Continue reading Blooming Peonies

The last blooming at the summer

There are usually some sunflower fields around Twin Cities between the middle of August and the first week of September. People also take advantage of such time to enjoy the last blooming of the summer. The Fish Sunflowers field at Gibbon was the last place to close for the season. I went there just the … Continue reading The last blooming at the summer

Blooming of Hopes

This weekend marks the official beginning of spring at Minneapolis / St Paul areas.  Even still in lockdown order from governor, people are pouring outside in a nice warm weather.  With movie theaters, restaurants and bars still closed, the best thing the most people can do is to ride bicycles around.  Bike stores are crowded … Continue reading Blooming of Hopes

My Bleeding Heart

There are two bushes of bleeding hearts in our front yard.  This amazing flowers are blooming around late spring, and withering away within only couple of weeks. The first time I saw it could date back to the first date with my husband.  In the backyard of his old house I was surprised by those little … Continue reading My Bleeding Heart

Tulips and Dew Drops

It was raining hard whole day on last Thursday, together with dropping temperature.  Some flowers seemed stopped blooming for the time being by tightly hugging themselves. On last Friday morning, the Sun was shinning again.  I noticed there was a small field of tulips just besides my bus stop.  I took a few minutes to capture … Continue reading Tulips and Dew Drops