The final results of post-processed photos are somehow impacted by the mood of their processors. With the COVID-19 spreading across the world a lot of business have been put on held, as a result, many people lost their jobs.  I have been worrying about everything and everybody around me, having stranger dreams at nights, etc. … Continue reading “Apocalyptic”

Making Sunset

While I was at Busan, Korea, I discovered a perfect place to shot those kaleidoscopically vibrant residents houses under sunset.  However I had to take a train back to Seoul before 5:00 pm.  Sunset time on that day was around 6:00 pm.  By no mean, I couldn't stay there for sunset scenes.  Undoubtedly this became one of … Continue reading Making Sunset

The Highlights of Banff National Park – Natural Wonders Enhanced by PS

On this weekend, I utilized some photoshop techniques to enhance a few photos Banff National Park. Thunderstorm and lightning. Here is the way to create the effect: Photoshop Tutorial: How to Create Lightning and Rain from a Sunny Landscape. Fog floating around a mountain. Here is the way to create the effect: How to add fog in … Continue reading The Highlights of Banff National Park – Natural Wonders Enhanced by PS

Bathe in Sunset

Avery is a 5-year old girl, she enjoys to play outdoor. Last weekend I had chance to photograph her running and jumping on a green field.  Here is one of the photos of her in action I captured. I like this photo, meanwhile I was searching a way to make it more interesting.  I decided … Continue reading Bathe in Sunset

Pixelated Self – Portrait

During last weekend, I learned how to make pixeled portrait.  Here is resulted pixeled self - portrait. Here is the link to teach me how to create such an effect in Photoshop: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=exTCjgrFR0A Try it since it is really fun!

The First Offer from the Earth at Spring

Spring is finally here, with snow melting away, sprouts of flowers breaking out of soil.  Here is the first flower I captured in this spring.  Photoshop was used to create a reflection of the tulip flower with dew drops on a black background. Aren't they the first offer from the Earth in this spring?

Surprise but Easy!

Swans are beautiful and elegant.  They bring us with their grace, peace and tranquility wherever they go.  I have photographed white swans many times, with a goal to capture the moment when they face each other to form a heart shape with their long necks.  However I have not been so fortunate. Last night while … Continue reading Surprise but Easy!

Beautify the Background of a Subject

Often times we captured a subject which we really like, but in front of a messy background.  Isn't it disappointed!  It really makes me as grumpy as the bald eagle in the following photo. However there is an impressive function in photoshop (here is the link: How to Create and Replace a Custom Background in Photoshop) … Continue reading Beautify the Background of a Subject

Ouch, he must be hurt!

Last weekend, the weather was warmer than usual, the sky was blue without any trace of clouds. I drove to Buckhill ski and snowboarding area to take photos one last time in this winter.  I stood far away from the hills and used 200 mm lens to capture those amazing moments of those young kids … Continue reading Ouch, he must be hurt!

Combining Three to One

During Christmas and New Year holidays I learned how to combine several photos into one to show the dynamic movement. So I combined the three photos I took in one of the ski resorts around Minneapolis, and used photoshop to create a layer for each of the photos.  Through moving the skier into proper positions … Continue reading Combining Three to One