Walking in Countryside

Park Falls is a small town located at Northern Wisconsin and surrounded by endless fields. It is more like a countryside, instead of a city. With much less population density and pollutions caused by disappearing local industries, people can enjoy view over great farmlands during the daytime and magnificent galaxies at night. For me driving … Continue reading Walking in Countryside

The Glow of Autumn from North Star State

Before the time approaching autumn, I started to think where I should go to capture decent autumn scenes.  Searching through internet I discovered a lot of places in the States present various fall colors, however, all of them require either flight or driving for hours. One day on the way to work, I was amazed … Continue reading The Glow of Autumn from North Star State

Same Place but Different Feeling

It is already in the middle of October, which reminds me of time flying in front of me within a blink of eyes. It is also said that a fall season only lasts for a month, thus I like to take any chance to enjoy such a Temporary mixing of beautiful colors. While I was … Continue reading Same Place but Different Feeling