The Season for Jack-O-Lanterns

One of the local traditions at Minnesota is growing pumpkins. The weight of grown pumpkins can range from less than a pound to over 2,500 pounds to set a record. Sometimes a huge pumpkin (over 2,000 pounds) was lift into air by a crane and drop onto grass at a harvest fest. The people around … Continue reading The Season for Jack-O-Lanterns

The last burst of autumn beauty

I have gone to several places to capture the beauty of autumn, starting from the FootHills National Forest, driving for four hours to the Northern Shore areas, then driving for nine hours to Northern Michigan. Along the way during long driving through country roads, lakes, rivers, forests, etc., nature had never stopped to amaze me. … Continue reading The last burst of autumn beauty

Small Size but Huge Eater

I believe that there are not many people in this world trying to eat something which is much bigger and heavier than himself, at least I have never been trying to do that.  But there are some cute creatures with huge dreams striving so hard to dig into and then eat something which is many … Continue reading Small Size but Huge Eater

Those Odd Items after Haunting Night

This is my entry to "CEE’S ODD BALL PHOTO CHALLENGE: 2015 WEEK 45". We had really good time last night, seeing my daughter dressing as a little witch to "Trick or Treat", and seeing other kids with cute costumes stopping by our home for candies and small toys. This morning we took down those Halloween … Continue reading Those Odd Items after Haunting Night

Trick or Treat?

Boo, a little smiley ghost is flying from far, far place.  It doesn't intend to scare you, just want to play "Trick or Treat". It also likes to give you a friendly surprise and wish you enjoy Halloween! Happy Halloween to all My Readers!

My Halloween Photo Collection

It is approaching Halloween, which is the time to have a lot of fun! My career as a data scientist takes a lot of time, but I still be able to fulfill (at least partially) one of my hobbies - photography. I have been filling every weekend with goals and plans, to create images for … Continue reading My Halloween Photo Collection