Every December 06 is special for me! Around noontime of December 06 I landed on this new continent, it was twenty-eight years ago. I still remember at San Francisco airport where I entered into this country, Christmas decorations were everywhere, and Christmas music was flowing in the air. But I didn't know what Christmas was … Continue reading ANNIVERSARY Check

Fresh Snow, Fresh Start

We have said farewell to 2020, and stepped into 2021. We are facing a fresh start with fresh snow fall at Minnesota. Downhill skiing and snowboarding are most popular winter sports here, I have always been amazed to see those energetic people fast sliding downhill on their skies or snowboards. Thanks for visiting my post!

Jay Cooke State Park

Even though there is only half leafs / plants around Minneapolis / St. Paul areas turning colors, the northern Minnesota has already welcome the peak of fall! I spent a day at Jay Cooke State Park yesterday, enjoying the beauty of autumn on the shores of Saint Louis River. The park is located at the … Continue reading Jay Cooke State Park

Fall is Here!

One of the advantages by living at Minnesota is that there are four distinct seasons!  But the length of the season are different, four months for summer, six months for winter, and only one month each for spring and fall. As a result I consider fall is the most valuable season among four, not only … Continue reading Fall is Here!

The Inspiration from those Diligent HummingBirds

Every middle of September is the last season for hummingbirds to spend time at Minnesota, after that they will be migrating to Mexico, Panama or other Southern hemisphere. They became especially diligent carrying pollens across various flowers to make their last contributions this year. Its also the time for many photographers to gather together at … Continue reading The Inspiration from those Diligent HummingBirds

The Inspiration from Autumn Sunset

We were still using air condition couple of weeks ago, then we already switch to heater today.  This is how fast the weather alters at Minnesota! The flowers start to wither and leafs start to turn color. The only thing I have found remains unchanged is the glory sunset, and those local energetic people. Lake … Continue reading The Inspiration from Autumn Sunset

An Unknown Beauty

COVID - 19 has been preventing us from exploring around distant world, but never prevented us from looking around the areas near us. The following is a kind of flower blooming in my friend's backyard.  I don't know its name, neither do my friend, but the lack of knowledge on it didn't stop us admire … Continue reading An Unknown Beauty

An Old Barn under Sunset

A photographer friend took me to see an old barn near her home during past weekend.  We went there on sunset time to find there are two barns standing on an empty field, big and small.  Even though we didn't know what the functions of big and small barns we still enjoyed the time near … Continue reading An Old Barn under Sunset

Blooming of Hopes

This weekend marks the official beginning of spring at Minneapolis / St Paul areas.  Even still in lockdown order from governor, people are pouring outside in a nice warm weather.  With movie theaters, restaurants and bars still closed, the best thing the most people can do is to ride bicycles around.  Bike stores are crowded … Continue reading Blooming of Hopes

Quarantined at Home

Like many others across the country, we were advised to stay at home for self - isolation to prevent spreading of COVID - 19.  Working from home lets me save couple of hours of commuting time each day.  I have being using the time to do something I liked to do but couldn't do due … Continue reading Quarantined at Home