Blooming Peonies

The summer time at Minnesota is always short and precious, the blooming time for peonies is even shorter and more precious! The blooming time for peonies is around two weeks during middle of June. I have photographed the flowers many times over the years, but I have never gotten tired of capturing their beauty. Driving … Continue reading Blooming Peonies

The Lives in Morning Dews

One of the advantages by working from home is to save daily commute time, for me it means extra one and half hours.  Another advantage from WFH is to gain flexibility, i.e., napping if I am tired, snacking if I am hungry, taking a short walk around my house if I get bored.  So far … Continue reading The Lives in Morning Dews

Blooming Peonies (牡丹花開)

It is again June, the time for peonies in our yard to bloom towards the Sun. They are beautiful, delicate and graceful souls.  The flower, the National Flower of China, is considered by Chinese as a Pure symbol of wealth and prosperity. A few days ago, my daughter asked me to tie the peonies into her … Continue reading Blooming Peonies (牡丹花開)