What are these Pelicans doing?

I have never stopped to be fascinated by American white pelicans soon after I saw them floating / fishing in lakes or rivers. There is a group of white pelicans gathering near a dam located at Granite Falls during summertime. They relay on fishes to survive there. It is fun to watch their daily activities, … Continue reading What are these Pelicans doing?

Blooming Peonies

The summer time at Minnesota is always short and precious, the blooming time for peonies is even shorter and more precious! The blooming time for peonies is around two weeks during middle of June. I have photographed the flowers many times over the years, but I have never gotten tired of capturing their beauty. Driving … Continue reading Blooming Peonies

The last blooming at the summer

There are usually some sunflower fields around Twin Cities between the middle of August and the first week of September. People also take advantage of such time to enjoy the last blooming of the summer. The Fish Sunflowers field at Gibbon was the last place to close for the season. I went there just the … Continue reading The last blooming at the summer

My Obsession with Roses

Rose is my favorite flower, simply because it is the symbol of beauty, elegance and love. I am also amazed by the number of its varieties. Couple of weeks ago I took a walk inside a rose garden close to home. It was just after a raining day and all flowers were decorated by water … Continue reading My Obsession with Roses

Be Prepared, Be Safe!

During last couple weeks a doe with her two fawns have been visiting my yard on the daily basis. The two fawns are tiny and often follow their mom closely. They were walking around nibbling on grass or mom stopped occasionally to nurse her babies. I wasn't sure whether those two babies could run on … Continue reading Be Prepared, Be Safe!

The Wild Flowers in a Wild Garden

There is a Wild Garden not far from my home, on the way to my yoga studio. It is a place I have been stopping by at least once per year, during the timeframe between July and August. Yesterday after my morning Ashtanga practice I stopped by the garden again, and snapped some photos on … Continue reading The Wild Flowers in a Wild Garden

Always Explore in More than One Way

It is always fun to look and take photos of the same things from various angles or on different moments. Last weekend the ducklings were finally hatched on our yard. Before they followed their parents onto their journey, I took some family photos for them. Since mommy duck had been staying in our yard for … Continue reading Always Explore in More than One Way


It has been supper hot (over 90 degree) over last couple of weeks, and the trend will continue through next week. For the first time in my life I started missing the winter at Minnesota. But birdies are taking full advantages of such a continuous high temperature and the shades & shadows around our yard. … Continue reading Expecting

Two Generations Together

I have been visiting Mississippi Rookery on a regular basis since late March this year. I wanted to see how those great blue herons built their home from scratch, found their another half to start families and raise their next generation. Here are couple of previous posts including my observations on herons' life: https://cxianliu.wordpress.com/2021/04/10/flight-in-fresh-spring-air/ https://cxianliu.wordpress.com/2021/05/22/blue-and-green-the-colors-for-new-lives/Continue reading Two Generations Together

A Field of Lupine

Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge accommodates numerous wild animals and plants. It can display the features of mother nature throughout entire year! Between mid - May and mid - June lupine flowers (also called lupinus or lupin) reach their peak of beauty. There is a big field where lupine grows. It not only decorates the land … Continue reading A Field of Lupine