Walking in Countryside

Park Falls is a small town located at Northern Wisconsin and surrounded by endless fields. It is more like a countryside, instead of a city. With much less population density and pollutions caused by disappearing local industries, people can enjoy view over great farmlands during the daytime and magnificent galaxies at night. For me driving … Continue reading Walking in Countryside

Capture of Sunstars

The sunstar, or maybe sunburst, is one of the interesting subjects I have been wondering for sometime.  I tried numerous times in the past to capture sunstars, and failed every single time. Couple of weeks ago I consulted with one of my photographer friends, he advised me to use low aperture (e.g., 14 or even … Continue reading Capture of Sunstars

Beauty from the Cold

While other places have already started celebrating spring, we are still dealing with snowstorms.  But not all snowstorms are bad, especially for me, the ground covered by snow under blue sky is like a world in my dream. Two days ago a snowstorms dumped 6in snow on Twin Cities areas, I drove to the "Swan … Continue reading Beauty from the Cold

Visited “Swan Lake” Again

I went to the same place to visit "Swan Lake" again this morning.  The temperature was around 20F below zero, the sky was cloudy not like last week (Angels in Morning Mist).  Luckily there was still mist floating over the open water.  The swans and other birdies were enjoying their time as usual. I am … Continue reading Visited “Swan Lake” Again

The Angels in Morning Mist

After going through polar vortex, we had a warm weekend (in the middle of 30's).  Couple of photographer friends suggested to visit one of local lakes with a piece of open water to see swans and other birds.  We arrived at a small lake near Memorial National Park at Shakopee around 7:30 am just about … Continue reading The Angels in Morning Mist

See the Fall Colors through Lens Ball

It is the time the leaves start turning colors around Twin Cities areas.  Due to plenty raining this fall comes earlier than before.  It was cloudy this morning, I was walking around the lake near my home to take my first group of fall photos. Meanwhile I am testing my new toy - a lens … Continue reading See the Fall Colors through Lens Ball

Graceful Angels

The swans are beautiful and graceful, largely because their bodies, especially their necks are profiled by various Lines. No matter how they move, swim, eat or simply rest, they remain happy, tranquil and graceful. I just can't get enough pictures of them.

Harmony of Early Spring at Minnesota

I always believed that bald eagles were natural predators of fishes and birds.  My old belief was broken after I capture the moment of co-existing of bald eagles, swans and ducks.  They were together enjoying the early spring at Minnesota. Awakening

They are the First to Tell……

the arrival of the spring. According to Chinese, ducks are the first ones to notice the warmth of new spring.  I would like to say that swans are also among the ones who can notice the arrival of spring before any others. The lake near my home has been my Favorite Place  to get some photos … Continue reading They are the First to Tell……