Blooming of Hopes

This weekend marks the official beginning of spring at Minneapolis / St Paul areas.  Even still in lockdown order from governor, people are pouring outside in a nice warm weather.  With movie theaters, restaurants and bars still closed, the best thing the most people can do is to ride bicycles around.  Bike stores are crowded … Continue reading Blooming of Hopes

The Last Glowing of Tulips

Tulips have a very short lives, only for couple of weeks.  Then they go back to deep earth, collect energy from their mother nature and get ready to bloom again next spring. Here are the images of the tulips with the peak of their beauty. Thanks for visiting my post!  

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother's day is also considered as flowers' day at Minnesota, since it marks the start of planting new plants and flowers.  I have done my duty to plant new flowers on our yard, so I have some free time to put together a few tulips shots I took before to celebrate Mother's Day. Thanks for … Continue reading Happy Mother’s Day!

Tulips with Morning Drew Drops

Tulip is my favorite spring flower, I used to plant some at my yard.  But deers ate them all soon after blooming, even before I could enjoy and take any pictures of them.  Since then I change to plant roses and daffodils.  Every spring I have to search around to find tulip fields for photography. … Continue reading Tulips with Morning Drew Drops

“Tear” Drops

It has been raining during last couple of days.  Soon after the Sun finally came out, I took my DSLR camera out to our yard in hope to capture the images of flowers or plants just washed by rain. The bleeding hearts has been in their full bloom for a week, previous experience told me … Continue reading “Tear” Drops

Silent Sunday with Artistic Sense

The filter gallery of Photoshop allows people to add various effects on the photos.  The following photo is the tulip flowers with morning dew drops on their pedals. After I applied the filter named "dry brush", it became a painting - like artwork. It is Sunday, with tranquility outside and artistic sense inside. Admiration

Tulips and Dew Drops

It was raining hard whole day on last Thursday, together with dropping temperature.  Some flowers seemed stopped blooming for the time being by tightly hugging themselves. On last Friday morning, the Sun was shinning again.  I noticed there was a small field of tulips just besides my bus stop.  I took a few minutes to capture … Continue reading Tulips and Dew Drops