Snow along Northern Shore

The past weekend was an adventurous one for me - driving along Northern Shore of Lake Superior. Even though I had been at Duluth areas a few times before, it was the very first time for me to visit it during winter time, especially soon after major snowstorm. The first stop was Stony Point located … Continue reading Snow along Northern Shore

Look, an Owl……

Working from home is not necessarily working at ease, often times I am facing more challenges. I have been frustrating with a new project during last couple of weeks, a brand new area, tight deadline and once a while disagreement with my boss, etc. The pressure has been high but I have to keep my … Continue reading Look, an Owl……

Fresh Snow, Fresh Start

We have said farewell to 2020, and stepped into 2021. We are facing a fresh start with fresh snow fall at Minnesota. Downhill skiing and snowboarding are most popular winter sports here, I have always been amazed to see those energetic people fast sliding downhill on their skies or snowboards. Thanks for visiting my post!

Being Optimistic through the Winter with Pandemic

The numbers of infections and death spiked in the past week, the date of back-to-office was delayed once again. The dark cloud of COVID-19 is still floating over the world, it seems that we are continuously walking in a tunnel without seeing light in front. Working at home for over eight months I really miss … Continue reading Being Optimistic through the Winter with Pandemic

The White World is Here Again

The winter at Minnesota is known brutal, but the beauty coming with the sub-zero temperature is often underestimated. Last weekend saw the first significant snowfalls at Minneapolis / St.Paul areas in this winter.  Just wandering around my neighborhood I was totally attracted by fairytale - like surroundings. Thanks for visiting my post!

Frosts on Windows

We are expected 6 - 10 inch snow fall at Minneapolis / St. Paul areas from now to tomorrow morning.  Most people stayed at home to avoid any traffic jams or accidents. Oftentimes we don't find too much fun or beautiful things in the middle of supper cold weather, especially with snowstorms.  But low temperature … Continue reading Frosts on Windows

Smiling in the Middle of Heavy Snowstorm

April 03 2018: while we were all looking forward to a new spring, a heavy snowstorm passed through Minneapolis / St. Paul areas.  By the end of the storm, around 12-inch snow left on every section of roads. For the people who are mostly living in the areas with mild weather all year long, it … Continue reading Smiling in the Middle of Heavy Snowstorm

Grow above Frigid Weather

On the last Christmas day, the temperature was 15F below zero.  I bundled myself inside a pile of "Canada Goose", and headed to ski hill nearby. Over there was not cold at all, instead the activities of skiing and snowboarding were heating everything up.  I was amazed how fast those kids (I guessed most of … Continue reading Grow above Frigid Weather