Actions under the Blue Sky and Natural Light

The weather at Minnesota is turning warm quickly, we are feeling that the spring is just around the corner. This also marks the end of winter sports season. To celebrate one of the local ski resorts held a high school snowboard & free-ski championships on halfpipe. I often wondered how those skiers could maintain balance … Continue reading Actions under the Blue Sky and Natural Light

Fresh Snow, Fresh Start

We have said farewell to 2020, and stepped into 2021. We are facing a fresh start with fresh snow fall at Minnesota. Downhill skiing and snowboarding are most popular winter sports here, I have always been amazed to see those energetic people fast sliding downhill on their skies or snowboards. Thanks for visiting my post!

Downhill Ski at Hyland on Christmas Eve

I don't do any winter sports, and am afraid of high speed activities such as downhill ski.  However photographing those dynamic movements is always one of my favorite topics. With the schools closing for the holiday season, a lot of young kids are heading to the ski hills.  I went there today to capture the … Continue reading Downhill Ski at Hyland on Christmas Eve

Skiing in Half-Pipe and Moguled Course

This winter I have started going to other skiing / snowboarding areas than the one near my home, to photograph the winter activities The first new place I tried last weekend was Buckhill, where I was fortunate to capture people skiing / snowboarding in half-pipe and moguled course. Here are a few photos I shot … Continue reading Skiing in Half-Pipe and Moguled Course

Downhill Skiing and Snowboarding

The winter at Minnesota can last up to six months.  People have to find some ways to get through such a long cold season.  Many people, especial young kids, are really enjoying downhill skiing and snowboarding.  I, on another hand, love to capture those dynamic moments even though I am not able to do it … Continue reading Downhill Skiing and Snowboarding

A Little Bravery

Using high shutter speed to capture the moments of excitement in skiing or snowboarding is not new for me.  But once a while I can still by chance get something I believe inspiring. Last Saturday I spotted a little kid on one of the hills, he (she) was so tiny to make me believe he … Continue reading A Little Bravery

Grow above Frigid Weather

On the last Christmas day, the temperature was 15F below zero.  I bundled myself inside a pile of "Canada Goose", and headed to ski hill nearby. Over there was not cold at all, instead the activities of skiing and snowboarding were heating everything up.  I was amazed how fast those kids (I guessed most of … Continue reading Grow above Frigid Weather

Excitement after Serene

The Hyland Hill Ski Area opened just after Thanksgiving holiday! It belongs to Three Rivers Park District at Bloomington, Minnesota.  Three out of four seasons each year, it provides local residents with not only various outdoor entertainments but also a Serene places of many kinds of natural beauties.  But it becomes an exciting place for a lot … Continue reading Excitement after Serene

Ouch, he must be hurt!

Last weekend, the weather was warmer than usual, the sky was blue without any trace of clouds. I drove to Buckhill ski and snowboarding area to take photos one last time in this winter.  I stood far away from the hills and used 200 mm lens to capture those amazing moments of those young kids … Continue reading Ouch, he must be hurt!

Walking in Cold Breeze

It was sunny and cold, which I consider as the best time to take photos on the activities on ski hill. As usual the ski hill nearby was busy and crowed, those young kids were enjoying sliding downhill as fast as they could.  Some of them were jumping high in the air and doing flipping, … Continue reading Walking in Cold Breeze