Coyote, Coyote……

I have always loved to see wild animals around my house. Just couple of days ago, I saw a little coyote walking by my front yard. The little guy seemed really enjoy the sunny day and he decided to sit in a snow pile for a while to order to bathe in the sunlight. It … Continue reading Coyote, Coyote……

Being Optimistic through the Winter with Pandemic

The numbers of infections and death spiked in the past week, the date of back-to-office was delayed once again. The dark cloud of COVID-19 is still floating over the world, it seems that we are continuously walking in a tunnel without seeing light in front. Working at home for over eight months I really miss … Continue reading Being Optimistic through the Winter with Pandemic

Upside Down

In spring time we hang a bird feeder in our yard and fill it with seeds.  We want to make sure that the birds have enough foods after a brutal winter and get ready to have their babies. Over last couple of weeks we filled the feeder in every morning, and found it completely empty … Continue reading Upside Down

Small Size but Huge Eater

I believe that there are not many people in this world trying to eat something which is much bigger and heavier than himself, at least I have never been trying to do that.  But there are some cute creatures with huge dreams striving so hard to dig into and then eat something which is many … Continue reading Small Size but Huge Eater

Curious or Alert?

It was a bright day even at dinnertime, a little squirrel was sitting on the rail in front of my door, looking around.  I wasn't sure whether he was curious or just alert to find out what was going on around, before making another leap. He kept in this position for a few seconds, which gave … Continue reading Curious or Alert?