Snow along Northern Shore

The past weekend was an adventurous one for me – driving along Northern Shore of Lake Superior.

Even though I had been at Duluth areas a few times before, it was the very first time for me to visit it during winter time, especially soon after major snowstorm.

The first stop was Stony Point located at Two Harbors. It is well known by its magnificent view while the wave from Lake Superior crashing onto the huge rocks on the shoreline. There is another equally wonder at the same spot during winter time – large pile of ice boards on the shoreline, together with the loud sound caused by the collision among the boards pushed by the water.

Under the sunset the transparent ice boards reflect the sunlight.

Next day by driving to the northeast we arrived at Artists Point located at Grand Marais. The broad lake had been mostly frozen and the shoreline was covered by snow. There I witnessed one of the most beautiful sunrise, and captured the sunlight between snow walls.

Then we arrived at Hollow Rock at Grand Portage. The rock is standing in the middle of water but in winter it stand in the middle of frozen lake. The hollow center was decorated by icicles of various sizes, just like an ice cave. My friends and I decided to have some fun on the lake surface – yoga pose and jumping.

On the way back to Two Harbors we stopped by Palisade Head at Beaver Bay. It is a large rock formation by a rhyolitic lava some 1.1 billion years ago.  After years of erosion a cliff with 300 feet high is standing alone on Lake Superior. I felt a little drizzle while looking down.

Out last stop was Split Rock Lighthouse which was designed by a lighthouse engineer in 1910. I usually stood on the shoreline to view it from distance, but this time I could walk on the frozen lake to take a close look. Standing there over 100 years and viewing the events around the lake, it must have a lot of stories to tell.

In this time-tight trip we learned that Mother Nature can always provide us with surprises and wonders regardless the locations or seasons. If you live around Minnesota or Wisconsin an winter trip to Lake Superior is highly recommended.

Thanks, for visiting my post!

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