Look, an Owl……

Working from home is not necessarily working at ease, often times I am facing more challenges.

I have been frustrating with a new project during last couple of weeks, a brand new area, tight deadline and once a while disagreement with my boss, etc. The pressure has been high but I have to keep my head up to catch up with the expectations.

This afternoon I temporarily moved my eyesight from computer screen to look outside for some refreshment on my hurting eyes. By chance I saw a grey colored owl sitting on a tree branch just outside the window, I have never seen an owl in such a close distance.

I knew it was an owl but not sure what kind of owl it is.

“Come to see, there is an owl!” I couldn’t help raising my voice to call my daughter and my husband. Meanwhile I grabbed my camera to snap couple of photos.

“It is just a barred owl!” Ron told me. He didn’t seem to be so excited since he has seen them a lot while growing up on a farmland.

But for me, this little beauty is like sunlight in cold winter time to immediately make my day!

Thanks for visiting my post!

2 thoughts on “Look, an Owl……

  1. Oh my word, that is exciting!! I would have reacted in exactly the same way as you!! And what wonderful photos you managed to get. How close did you have to get to the owl to take them?? What an amazing sight, you are very lucky!

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