Iceland Trip #4 Many, Many Waterfalls

Before I went to Iceland I knew I would see many waterfalls. But I had never expected to see so many waterfalls. The Gullfoss ("Golden Falls") on the Hvítá river was the first one I saw. I was so excited that I snapped as many as possible photos even under strong windy and rainy weather. … Continue reading Iceland Trip #4 Many, Many Waterfalls

A Day at Minneopa State Park

The Bank I am working for use Columbus day as a company - wide holiday. I took off to Minneopa State Park at southern Minnesota. Due to its location it is just surrounded by the peak of stunning fall colors. The park was established in 1905 to preserve Minneopa Falls, a large waterfall for southern … Continue reading A Day at Minneopa State Park

Japan #1 – Hakone

After we said farewell to 2018 Fall at Minnesota, I flew to Japan, where I was fortunate to experience another beautiful autumn.  The entire schedule was planned by one of my college classmates, Xiao.  She is a well organized person to lead me sightsee as much as possible during a short 10-day period. Our first … Continue reading Japan #1 – Hakone

Meditation in front of Waterfalls

All of my yoga instructors taught me to go somewhere quiet while doing medication. I have a strong believe on the most of the words from my yoga instructors, until last weekend.  I drove to a small town close to the border between Minnesota and Wisconsin to visit Willow State Park.  I wanted to capture … Continue reading Meditation in front of Waterfalls

The Highlights of Banff National Park – Waterfalls

Our family spent a week at Banff National Park, during which I took advantages to collect the natural beauties over the regions. Johnston Canyon was the first spot we visited after we arrived Calgary.  With my camera, several lenses and a tripod, I climbed the hills up and down over 10 kilometers (~ 6.5 miles) … Continue reading The Highlights of Banff National Park – Waterfalls