The Random Collection of Tiny Flowers

A trip on last Sunday to Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden and Bird Sanctuary was to look for the state flower of Minnesota - lady slipper. But there I was told that the blooming time for lady slippers should be in June. I still took a walk around the garden and saw a various kinds of … Continue reading The Random Collection of Tiny Flowers

The Sun Will Rise Again

We have been going through a lot in year 2020, from COVID - 19, to BLM then close racing presidential election, etc.. Each event has more or less created impacts on political and economical environments. I always believe that things happened with a reason. Sometimes while enduring hardship patience is the only way for us … Continue reading The Sun Will Rise Again

Japan #13 – Tatami and Clothes Hanging

Wherever I have gone, I always tried to immerse myself in local tradition. During one of the trips we visited beautiful sacred bridge (神桥) standing at the entrance to Nikko 's shrines and temples (东照宫).  The bridge is ranked as one of Japan's three finest bridges together with Iwakuni 's Kintaikyo and Saruhashi in Yamanashi Prefecture. … Continue reading Japan #13 – Tatami and Clothes Hanging

A Calm Sunset

Summertime is always short at Minnesota.  The weather turns cooler and the daytime gets shorter.  Each night less and less people show up on the beaches along the lakes. Even strong sunlight during sunset is gradually taming down.  At this time of a year I am feeling calm and tranquil while photographing a sunset scene. … Continue reading A Calm Sunset

Satisfaction under the Summer Sunset

Sunset has been my favorite topic of photography during summertime. I usually walk around Bush Lake with my DSLR camera half an hour before sunset.  I like to capture the good times those families and friends are sharing, meanwhile I listen to their talks, laughs and even creaming. The follow group of photos are part … Continue reading Satisfaction under the Summer Sunset

The Green

The neighborhood our family belong to was named as "Forest Heaven". As its name tells, there are a lot of trees grown in our front and back yards.  Even though we have been removing some trees each years, there are still plenty of them.  Heavily covered by the branches and leaves from early spring through … Continue reading The Green

On My Way – through Sunlight and Shadow

The past Memorial weekend was really enjoyable, my family traveled to our farmland located at Northern Wisconsin. The first day had a nice sunny weather so I got a chance carrying my DSLR around the farmland to capture some Vivid scenes under sunlight. On the Way back home on the second day, we experienced thunderstorm and … Continue reading On My Way – through Sunlight and Shadow