A Field of Lupine

Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge accommodates numerous wild animals and plants. It can display the features of mother nature throughout entire year! Between mid - May and mid - June lupine flowers (also called lupinus or lupin) reach their peak of beauty. There is a big field where lupine grows. It not only decorates the land … Continue reading A Field of Lupine

The Sun Will Rise Again

We have been going through a lot in year 2020, from COVID - 19, to BLM then close racing presidential election, etc.. Each event has more or less created impacts on political and economical environments. I always believe that things happened with a reason. Sometimes while enduring hardship patience is the only way for us … Continue reading The Sun Will Rise Again

A Temporary Hideaway Place

What if we have to move long distance twice per year? In that case we can't have any belongings except a few close family members who are also willing to move with us. Sandhill cranes, as well as many other species, have been following such a yearly routine through their lifetime. In the middle of … Continue reading A Temporary Hideaway Place