Blurred Lines

I went to my work place last weekend to shot some office / business scenes.  Most of the objects inside office areas are defined by straight Lines.  Such a design might be to let people easily find the locations of any offices or cubes. During processing the raw photos, I used lens blur function in … Continue reading Blurred Lines

As Fast as Lightning

I can't ski or snowboard at all.  However capturing those fast skiers or snowboarders has become my passion in this winter. Before in each winter at Minnesota, the cold weather and grey sky always made me feel blue, especially I hated to get out and walk in snow.  In almost 6 month, I pretty much … Continue reading As Fast as Lightning

A Path Which Will Take Her Far

The last weekend was marked as the coldest one so far at Minneapolis, with a temperature of sub - zero.  I put on all warm cloths I have and went out to shot the people skiing.  I stopped at a trail for cross country ski and saw people used their poles to help them move as … Continue reading A Path Which Will Take Her Far

Status of My 2016’s Resolutions

"Life is short!"  I couldn't fully understand this quote until I got into my forty's.  Since then the sense of time flying by has been getting stronger and stronger.  As a result it became so important for me to live my life as full as possible.  I have two general requirements for myself: to visit … Continue reading Status of My 2016’s Resolutions

The Old Town at Stockholm

We just flew back to home last night, after one week trip to Sweden. After visiting Volvo headquarter at Gothenburg we took train to Stockholm, where we spent four days. Over years I have formed a habit that while visiting a brand new place, I must see those spots which gave birth to the modern society and … Continue reading The Old Town at Stockholm

OnePhoto Focus – September 2016

It is the time for OnePhoto Focus, we are editing a photo provided by Stacy P. Fischer. Here is the original photo, I have been in love with seagulls during this summer, and trying to snap as many of their daily lives as possible.  I especially enjoy the moment that a seagull opening it wings to … Continue reading OnePhoto Focus – September 2016

OnePhoto Focus – August 2016

It is the time for OnePhoto Focus, we are editing a photo provided by Robin Kent. Here is the original photo, The name of the photo is "London Eye", which makes me think that the photo must be from London.  Even though I have never visited London, I know the place famous of its gloomy weather … Continue reading OnePhoto Focus – August 2016

Fun Gala Night

Last night I went to Starkey Hearing Foundation Annual Gala at St. Paul River Center.  I have been supporting the mission of the foundation, it was the fifth time for me to attend its Gala. Besides contributing to the foundation, I also have my personal goal to keep attending gala every year.  I have been … Continue reading Fun Gala Night

Should I Cut the Tie with my Past Completely?

The incident during my visit to my hometown has been keeping me in furious day and night.  The events, starting from my childhood, have been playing across my brain again and again.  The evil words to press me down, the evil behaviors to destroy my self esteems were once more back to me. I have … Continue reading Should I Cut the Tie with my Past Completely?

OnePhoto Focus – April 2016

It is the time for OnePhoto Focus, we are editing a photo provided by Cee’s Photography. Here is the original photo, It is a farm barn under a overcast sky. I made some basic adjustment using Lightroom by changing the exposure, contrast, increasing saturation especially on green to bring the grass out, and blue to bring … Continue reading OnePhoto Focus – April 2016